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Comment Re:Piloted plane? (Score 5, Interesting) 281

I know the FAA crashed a plane on purpose years ago, and they piloted it remotely. Remember though, this plane is being crashed first and foremost for a TV show, so having a human pilot who has to escape will allow them to add some drama. I would imagine though that they had to get the FAA involved pretty heavily in this project, so I'm sure all the safety regulatory agencies had all kinds of monitoring equipment on board along with all of Discovery's camera's and such.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 5, Insightful) 281

I know. I've been watching Discovery and other channels like it since before it was cool to watch that kind of stuff, but now the main channels are mostly full of stupid reality crap. You have to go to Science, H2, NatGeo, Green, BBC, Bio, etc to find good stuff, and not all cable or satellite providers offer all of those newer networks, much less offer them on the lower packages.

Comment Re:Common Sense (Score 1) 1142

When I was looking at the options, the only thing I could think was "Common Sense". I've worked in a gas station for 8+ years now, and the one thing that I notice lacking in the people I interact with every day is common sense. I would agree that common sense does cover a lot of other areas, but I still think it is itself a concept that can be taught. If children are allowed to figure things out for themselves, and not have everything handed to them, then children will grow up with much better analytical skills and subsequently, have more common sense.

How To Be A Geek Goddess 349

stoolpigeon writes "The geek world is dominated by those of the male persuasion. For those of us working in a technology related field, or who spend a considerable amount of time pursuing high tech leisure, we usually find women to be in the minority. I've seen considerable discussion over the years on how to change this imbalance but I think it is safe to say that right now that it remains. Many women are interested in using technology, they just don't want to dive in to quite the same depth. Or they may not be interested in the way most men approach it. Columnist and tech-writer Christina Tynan-Wood has attempted to come to their rescue with her book How To Be A Geek Goddess." Read below for the rest of JR's review.

Submission + - Politics for the non-political geek

garfnodie writes: Ok /. crowd, please help me here. I despise politics, I'm sure I'm not the first geek to say that, but I need to not despise it as much as I do. I'm 27 years old and have never voted, not for a president, governor or anything else. I have tried to read up on current political issues, but everytime I do, I get so bored I loose interest and stop reading. I tell myself that it's important and I should continue to read, but I just won't retain the knowledge and learn from it if it does not interest me. So I'm coming to the /. people for help. Are there any good and engaging resources out there for the non-political geek such as me. Something that is well writen, informative, engaging, accurate and up-to-date that I could use to finally feel ready to vote in the upcoming elections. Thanks.

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