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Comment Uhh... wut? (Score 1) 588

So is it just the 2.4ghz frequency or the 5ghz frequency... or both? Do cell phones bother this kid too? I mean... all day long all of us are exposed to radio waves on all kinds of frequencies. Satellites point down on us. Cell phone, radio and television broadcast at much higher powers than rinky dink wi-fi access points. Even if you crank the power up all the way. I've worked with radios for years. You can get a headache by being too close to unshielded radios. Wi-fi is a stretch.... it's not like he's standing in front of a high powered point to point or HDTV antennas that will cook you from the inside out. This family doesn't seem to know how this stuff actually works.

Comment So much hate (Score 1) 51

The Wordpress hate here is hilarious. So much obvious anger. Get over yourselves. All of the hate for Wordpress can be compared to ruling in favor of same sex marriages. All of the right wing nut jobs are screaming about how it affects them and how it's so bad, as if someone were going to force them in to a same sex marriage. No one is forcing anyone to use Wordpress either - it's easy and opens operating a web site to a very large number of people. That is a wonderful thing, not a bad thing. If you don't like it, fine, no one cares. If you believe your site is some how more secure for not using it, or using some alternative, good for you, pat yourself on the back. The truth is, every piece of software ever written has potential for security holes, which may need to be patched. And even using "the most secure" software on the planet is only as secure as the people using it. Wordpress is no different. It definitely has its uses. Arguing about it is like arguing about religion.

Comment Exclusive to Apple? (Score 1) 84

This isn't an Android vs Apple post... but seriously? Again? HBO did it like a fool. This shows how out of touch the executives are. The people a streaming services most benefits are the cord-cutters. They seem to get that much at least. But do the math of how many cord-cutters are Apple device users. People cut the cord because they don't want to pay for overpriced garbage - they are probably not users of Apple devices, because they know they can get the same or better for less by using Android. The simple fact is, most of the mobile devices on the planet run Android. So by partnering with Apple (at least at first) you are limiting your audience by a very large margin. I haven't done any research, but I would also wager that there are more non-Apple devices in home living rooms than there are Apple devices (Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PS3/PS4 etc combined must be more than Apple TV). If you are going to "copy" the Netflix model, then do it right - release apps to access your streaming service on every platform. Netflix still supports the Wii app, and Hulu and Amazon do too. This idea of releasing to Apple devices only (at first) is just falling flat right out the gate. HBO could have made a lot of bank if they released HBO Now for Android prior to this season of Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. They won't see a spike in subscriptions for another ~42 weeks.

I guess another way of putting it is..... there are hordes of people just ready to put money directly in to the pockets of HBO and Showtime, and they are like.... nope, nope.. we ain't gonna take your money because Apple.

Comment Why only AT&T? (Score 1) 105

AT&T is not the only provider to pull this shady mob tactic of offering "unlimited" Internet while throttling users after certain thresholds. They should all be sued for this, and every "unlimited" plan subscriber should be compensated. I personally have expressed my frustration with this to T-Mobile, so I ask - why is AT&T the only carrier being sued about this? Surely if they lose this battle, it should open up cases against the rest, right?

Comment The problem is... (Score 1) 74

that anyone on this planet is actually using Facebook to begin with. I have never been, and never will be, a use of Facebook. All of the people around me who have Facebook accounts wish they did not. Most of what I hear about Facebook from people who use the service are negative. Zuckerberg is not a brilliant guy, he just ripped off an idea. Sort of like what this article is describing. "Social media" is such an oxymoron, because the people who use it usually have no real social life to speak of.

Comment Poor title for article (Score 1) 255

The title of this post should changed from "Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short Is Not Fair Use" because there is no ruling to qualify the parody/re-imagining/whatever as not being fair use. For those who dont real the entire article or are just skimming headlines, this is very misleading. It seems there is more support/evidence of it actually being fair use than not. The title should read something more like "Gritty 'Power Rangers' Short May Not Be Fair Use".

Comment What about SNL? (Score 1) 255

If the creators of the parody/re-imagined video can be sued or have legal force used against them, then shows like SNL are also a target. Laws protect this sort of thing. It sounds like the "creator" is pretty butt hurt because they made is so much cooler than it's 90s counterpart. The author of this post seems pretty biased. The show's "creator" (if you can even call it that, because Power Rangers was ripped off from multiple foreign sources before it ever hit the states) should embrace this sort of thing. They just gave Power Rangers a whole lot of love where it had none. Use this free press and popularity to your own benefit. Instead, you look like an ass for trying to force take downs and no one will want to see whatever crap Power Rangers series or movie you come out with next.

Comment Re:Companies ask for it (Score 1) 186

It will never happen. No lawmaker wants to take on this task in the United States. It isn't even a topic of discussion around elections. It needs to happen, but never will. I have lost all hope for the lawmakers in the USA. We have overwhelming evidence for climate change (whether humans are one of the causes or not), but lawmakers with no background in science what so ever can trump the geniuses at NASA and say it's a lie. Patent reform is so low on the list of things to fix in this country that people will be patenting things like rounded corners or gestures for many years to come.

Is there a patent on breathing? I should file that one... and then sue every last one of you.

Comment Apple - kind of patent trolls (Score 1) 186

Apple in itself is a patent troll, but perhaps in a somewhat different way. They file patents for bullshit like rounded corners and call that innovation, as if I wasn't drawing things with rounded corners when I was a kid, or as if the web wasn't already trying to round every corner of every div or table before Apple ever filed for the patent. No one should feel bad for Apple over this, they love to shove patents every which way they possibly can as long as it is in their favor. They abuse the current patent system just as bad or worse than any other company. I have no doubts that this will not change anything about our broken patent system either.

Comment Revenue (Score 1) 131

Where does the revenue from the sales go? It'd be nice to see it go to schools/education in some way, but I am sure it'll go to waste at the Pentagon some how.

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