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Snoozing Pilot Mistakes Venus For Aircraft; Panic, Injuries Ensue 307

Cazekiel writes "In January 2011, an Air Canada Boeing 767 carrying 95 passengers and eight crew members was on route to Zurich from Toronto when its First Officer, fatigued and disoriented from a long nap he'd taken, panicked in seeing what he believed to be a U.S. cargo plane on a collision course with his aircraft. The panicking F.O. pushed forward on the control column to make a rapid descent. Only, it wasn't an aircraft he'd been looking at, but Venus. According to the article: 'The airliner dropped about 400 feet before the captain pulled back on the control column. Fourteen passengers and two crew were hurt, and seven needed hospital treatment. None were wearing seat belts, even though the seat-belt sign was on.' The only danger in this situation had been the F.O. napping for 75 minutes instead of the maximum 40, as the disorientation and confusion stemming from deeper sleep was the culprit in this mix-up. However, the Air Canada Pilots Association, 'has long pressured authorities to take the stresses of night flying into account when setting the maximum hours a pilot can work,' taking into account that North Atlantic night-flights are hardest on an already-fatigued pilot."

Comment Re:Or could it be (Score 1) 458

Thats an oversimplification of history without taking into account the geo-polictical and economical climate at that time.

They did not run him over because Gandhi had mass support. Once there are millions of people behind you, your opponent no matter how big a bully cannot easily kill you.

The british did not want social order in India to break down.

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 104

And yes, a computer CAN evaluate code without executing it. It could just execute it in a VM, simulating itself. Derp!

A computer cannot fully simulate itself. A computer with b bits of memory can go through 2^b states. The machine it simulates has less than 2^b states. If a computer can simulate itself perfectly, then the halting problem is solved.

Comment Re:Just to throw this out there (Score 1) 322

* What is the smallest number of moves I can make to complete a 14x14 puzzle?
        * Can I complete a given 14x14 puzzle in 25 moves?

If you have an efficient algorithm to calculate if you can solve a given puzzle in n moves, then you can answer the question what is the smallest number of moves required by doing a binary search and calling your algorithm every time in the binary search.
In other words, you can call your algorithm for (2) polynomial number of times and find the answer for (1).

Comment Re:US is in trouble (Score 1) 691

India with corruption so deep-set and intractable that even buying a TV usually involves multiple pay-offs?

What are you talking about ? You just go to the store, pay for your TV and get it home. If the shopkeeper increases the price or asks you for a bribe, you can go to the next shop. India sells the same Chinese made TV just as the US. It also costs about just the same (Actually a little bit less in absolute value, but then compared to the cost of living, it is like 3x more expensive)

Comment Re:Possibly because it worked? (Score 1) 519

It's one thing to help you along as you age (glasses, hearing aids, canes, etc.), but this ever-growing trend in trying to dodge time's arrow every step of the way (cosmetic surgery, perpetual drug regiments, etc.) is sad commentary on a society that supposedly believes in an afterlife. Enjoy your life, in all its stages, then move along -- this world was never meant to be your home forever.

Hmmmm... Not sure how you get to decide what humans are "meant" to do. But if you don't like cosmetic surgery, perpetual drug regiments etc, don't do it. If someone else wants to dodge the arrow of time, why does it matter to the rest of us.

Comment Re:This violates VMware's EULA (Score 5, Informative) 195

Wrong! VMware only wants to review the methodology and approve it. You do not have to get the results approved.


"you (and not unauthorized third parties) may publish or publicly disseminate; provided that VMware has reviewed and approved of the methodology, assumptions and other parameters of the study. Please contact VMware at to request such review."


Submission + - First Evidence of Another Universe? 2

blamanj writes: Three months ago, astronomers announced the discovery of a large hole at the edge of our universe. Now, Dr. Laura Mersini-Houghton thinks she knows what that means. (Subscription req'd at New Scientist site, there's also an overview here.) According to string theory, there are many universes besides our own. Her team says that smaller universes are positioned at the edge of our universe, and because of gravitational interactions, they can be observed, and they're willing to make a prediction. The recently discovered void is in the northern hemisphere. They contend another one will be found in the southern hemisphere.

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