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Submission + - Spamhaus under DDOS. If your getting false-positived today, sad face. (

gandhi_2 writes: "If you try to get in touch with Spamhaus today (maybe to try to get un-blacklisted), you won't probably get much help.

Spamhaus is under DDOS, according to this blog post: ... and my browser."

Submission + - Anthropology as a non-science? (

gandhi_2 writes: There has been a battle brewing in the anthropology world over how to define itself. FTFA:

Anthropologists have been thrown into turmoil about the nature and future of their profession after a decision by the American Anthropological Association at its recent annual meeting to strip the word “science” from a statement of its long-range plan.
The decision has reopened a long-simmering tension between researchers in science-based anthropological disciplines — including archaeologists, physical anthropologists and some cultural anthropologists — and members of the profession who study race, ethnicity and gender and see themselves as advocates for native peoples or human rights.


Submission + - Saudi Arabia bans Facebook (

gandhi_2 writes: From the article:
An official with Saudi Arabia's communications authority says it has blocked Facebook because the popular social networking website doesn't conform with the kingdom's conservative values.


Submission + - Jesus, the Desciples, and Portion Control (

gandhi_2 writes: Comparing 52 artist's renditions of "The Last Supper" spanning the last 1000 years, a pair of sibling scholars found that:
Entrees increased by 70%, bread by 23%, and plate size by 65.6%.
The results were published in the International Journal of Obesity.

Submission + - Apple sues HTC over patents (

gandhi_2 writes: From Business Insider:

Apple today filed a lawsuit against mobile devices maker HTC. The suit claims infringement of 20 patents related to the iPhone's user interface, underlying architecture, and hardware.

It looks like the Nexus One, and other HTC phones, may have hit too close to home for Steve Jobs. Maybe adding multitouch to the Nexus One pushed Apple over the edge?

Submission + - Adobe CTO: HTML5 Video is "back to the dark ages". (

gandhi_2 writes: Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch, in a blog post berating Apple's decision not to support Flash on the iPad, addresses the idea that HTML5 video might compete with Flash video. The best part is when he uses "open" to mean "using Flash(R)":

We strongly believe the Web should remain an open environment with consistent access to content and applications regardless of your viewing device.


Submission + - Personal data on 131k Army Guard troops lost. (

gandhi_2 writes: "

Approximately 131,000 current and former Army National Guard members could be affected by a recent data loss, which occurred when a personal laptop owned by an Army Guard contractor was stolen.

The stolen laptop contained personal information on Soldiers enrolled in the Army National Guard Bonus and Incentives Program. The type of data includes names, Social Security Numbers, incentive payment amounts and payment dates.

Those 131k troops could probably tell you: unless deadly force was used to "steal" it, it wasn't stolen. Someone just left it unsecured."


Submission + - Obama's give Queen of England preloaded ipod (

gandhi_2 writes: "The NY Daily News is running a story about transfer of media licenses across nation-state boundaries.

Supposedly, President Obama generously gave the Queen of England a pre-loaded iPod that includes video footage of her 2007 visit to the U.S. and songs made popular on Broadway".

"Her Majesty's Royal iPod gift was stocked with 40 tunes from popular Broadway productions, including West Side Story, My Fair Lady and South Pacific."

Which is weird...I didn't think West Side Story was public domain yet. When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way..."


Submission + - Sun in talks to be acquired by IBM. (

gandhi_2 writes: "Sun Microsystems soared in European trading after a report that it was in talks to be acquired by I.B.M.

The Wall Street Journal, quoting "people familiar with the matter," reported Wednesday that International Business Machines was in talks to buy the company for at least $6.5 billion in cash, a premium of more than 100 percent over the company's closing share price Tuesday. Officials of Sun and IBM could not immediately be reached for comment. Story here."


Submission + - TradeComet suing Google for anti-competitiveness. (

gandhi_2 writes: "The NY Times is running a story that, which runs, is suing Google for anti-competitive acts and using its monopoly position to harm competitors. It seems TradeComet alleges that Google unfairly charged them more money for advertisement when Google figured out that TradeComet was a competitor.

So goes the article:

A small Web site operator filed an antitrust suit against Google on Tuesday, accusing it of unfairly manipulating its advertising system to harm a potential competitor. Skip to next paragraph Related Times Topics: Google Inc., which operates a site called, a vertical search engine for those seeking business products and services, accused Google of raising the advertising rates it charged the company after it realized that SourceTool was a potential competitor.

TradeComet also said that Google entered into an anticompetitive agreement with, a SourceTool rival, which despite having a similar business model was offered more favorable advertising terms.

Google fired back, explaining that with a really long straw, it drinks TradeComet's milkshake."


Submission + - Another suppression of a negative online review. (

gandhi_2 writes: "As per the SF Chronicle's website,

In a case that could chill free speech online, a San Francisco chiropractor has sued a local artist over negative reviews published on Yelp, the popular Web site that rates businesses.

It seems that a Chiropractor didn't like his review... a C&D, a revision, and some arguments later: it goes to court.

In a quote that would make Stalin proud, Attorney Aaron Moris states:

There needs to be some sort of blowback against unfettered speech.



Submission + - Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat

gandhi_2 writes: The NYT is reporting that some studies published in Nature are detailing how most Biofuels release more atmospheric carbon than conventional fossil fuels:

Almost all biofuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if the full emissions costs of producing these "green" fuels are taken into account, two studies being published Thursday have concluded. The benefits of biofuels have come under increasing attack in recent months, as scientists took a closer look at the global environmental cost of their production. These latest studies, published in the prestigious journal Science, are likely to add to the controversy.

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