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Comment Don't talk about what you don't know (Score 1) 137

I think here many people talk about this language but don't know it ... and many have not seen Basics since many years now .
Gambas is a try to resolve all the bad things done to the basic language ... i don't know if the result is what the most wait for
It's a full Object Language, with classes, inheritance, and all the tools that a trus OO language need to have (sorry for my bad English)
I know than many people will jnot take the time to try it ... But i hope to see beginner to use that kind of tools because it is done in a first time to give the desire to them to begin to create things, with a good object way.
Then it's a full language with all function, it load his class dynamiquely and is certainly one of the more fast on loading big UI... and when i say big UI some of them have undred forms (medical tools) and load in 1-2 sec.

Well, just really try it ... and then talk about it.

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 1) 137

Because we don't like Python ?... For challenge too... To create something new, that fit our programming way. There is tons of available reason. Because world need outsider, some people that not systematiquely do the same than other. Often they fail, and the project death, but on some few time the project match a real need and find users. Gambas is not a new project. We are working on it since 10 years now, and i can say i really have fun to work with it ... the rules for us is just to take fun on working with it... and it's really a pleasure. In fact i wan't to ask a question ... Why python have not an IDE like Gambas ??? Python have 10 year more that gb ... A great language for sûre, but .... Well i'm a men that don't like python so scuse me :)

Comment Re:The New 2012 Model T ? (Score 1) 137

Well ... What i can answer to a so stupid thing ... Ford T is died since many years ... but Ford is alway here ! ... Ford T have Wheel ... and modern Cars too So Gambas Have some little things of basic ... but all the modern tools existing too ! It's in the name ! Gambas Almost Mean BASic ! Yes we are in 2012, and Gambas have been written to make modern apps, not to remake nostalgic one.

Comment Re:Windows? (Score 1) 137

Well, a little help would be welcome. Work for a windows version is in progress, but the lack of means in terms of knowledge and time are that it is unfortunately not a priority. It is on this would be a hell of a competitor in the world of windows.

Comment Re:Actual use (Score 1) 137


Submission + - Open Source IDE GAMBAS Reaches 3.0 ( 1

Kevin Fishburne writes: "After years of work, creator Benoît Minisini and friends are just in time for New Year's celebrations with the first stable release of GAMBAS 3.

Per their web site, "Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic (but it is NOT a clone !)."

GAMBAS is component-based, so check out the list for an idea of what you can do with it."

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