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Comment Re:Not to sound overly harsh (Score 4, Insightful) 151

I think you're mixing two different things.

1) Some people have certifications expiring.

In many cases, if you certify a higher level certification, it will renew your older lower ranked certificate. But if your certification expires, you won't be able to take the higher level certification because that lower level certification is required to take the higher level.

So yes, in this case, people are being somewhat lazy, and frankly most companies would work with you on this.

2) Some people need a certification to be able to work.

This might mean that some people are unable to start working (i.e. take a job with a company) until they pass their certification.

This is a different issue altogether, and has nothing to do with laziness on the part of the test taker.


Submission + - OpenSEA vows enterprise-grade Open Source 802.1X

galimore writes: "A new consortium called OpenSEA (Open Secure Edge Access) aims to bring a high-quality Open Source networking projects to enterprise standards. Their first sponsored project is the Open1X supplicant, Xsupplicant, and efforts are underway to add support for Windows and a cross-platform UI. This is interesting considering the recent acquisitions of Meetinghouse by Cisco and Funk by Juniper. A note on the Open1X homepage also mentions OpenSEA. The consortium boasts a number of well-known industry faces such as Symanetc, Extreme Networks, and Tipping Point. There is also a fair bit of University interst through UKERNA, which is kind of like the Internet2 for Europe."

Feed Feds Pull Traveler Help Site (wired.com)

Homeland Security pulls down a website link for travelers with watchlist problems after 27BStroke6 points out security flaws. But TSA won't say whether the site was legal. In 27B Stroke 6.

United States

Submission + - FCC wants to regulate violence on TV

An anonymous reader writes: CNN is reporting that the FCC has released a report that claims Congress can expand the FCC's authority to regulate broadcast television. Currently, the FCC can regulate profanity and sexual content, but the new report calls for the power to regulate violence as well.

Submission + - Linus fires latest shot in GNOME Wars

HellFeuer writes: Linus speaks out against GNOME again. When challenged to use GNOME for a month, he submitted patches to the GNOME project to prove his criticism is *constructive*, saying "The code is actually _cleaner_ after my patches, and the end result is more capable. We'll see what happens". However, he still didn't commit to actually using GNOME.
Where do you stand on Linus vs GNOME?

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