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Comment Love your colleague. (Score 5, Interesting) 332

My boss is like that, he abuses cut-and-paste to the exclusion of proper factoring. The code is sometimes comical. He does it for the exact same reason, he wants to move on to testing/fixing/improving, rather than spending a lot of time dreaming-about-how-it-ought-to-be.

Sometimes, maybe 3 or 4 times in the decade that I've worked with him, I have needed to do a major re-factoring just to be able to shoe-horn in a new feature. He is glad I'm here to do that, because he doesn't enjoy re-factoring. I'm glad he's there to do his part, though, because a lot of times he can throw out a big *working* piece of garbage in just a few days, while I would still be arguing with myself about where to start.

The machine works. Therefore, I cannot point to any component that is broken. The machine works.

So I enjoy this, I look at all of the numerous insurmountable customer problems that we have dispatched over the years together, and it is beautiful to me. I love my boss.

That's my advice to you: learn to love this guy, to think of his foolish shortcuts and disorder as unique tools that a unique person uses to solve the problems in front of him. Consider it "local flavor." If you're being hauled up in front of management and they're blaming you for his bugs, that's one thing. But if the machine works, learn to love it. If you can't love it, quit programming and go into a less creative field.

Comment Easy solution (Score 1) 288

Find the authors involved (people like british children's author Nick Mackie), and find their books on Amazon, and leave bad reviews stating that you shouldn't expose your children (or yourself) to the works of bad people. I vote we include Debbie Bennett in this little campaign, by virtue of the golden rule. Whine first, ask questions later. Maybe tomorrow we can apologize for being ignorant jerks, like she has, and that will make it all better.


Submission + - Carrier IQ claims are FUD ( 2

galexand writes: I'm tired of hearing about Carrier IQ as if it invented the capability for telcos, device manufacturers, and Google to snoop on your activity. In fact, Carrier IQ is probably the most innocent piece of software on your phone, and the truly dangerous software you wouldn't have any other way. So I wrote an article about it. This FUD about Carrier IQ is simply not factually accurate!

Submission + - gmail's policies are abusive to small ISPs 1

galexand writes: My gmail-using friends were not getting my email, so I investigated. Similar reports abound, with suggested resolutions ranging from fixing your DNS to adding SPF, but many cases remained unresolved. So I putzed with my DNS, postfix, and SPF settings for a couple days and now my headers look perfect to me but gmail is still labeling my email as spam. This appears to be an intentional policy on google's part — they just assume that most small servers are run by spammers and accept that they'll knock off the occasional small business. The trouble is that gmail is so large that they can unilaterally redefine email, but they aren't publishing their specs so we can't conform. What can we do about this kind of abuse from big providers?

Submission + - NASA Hubble spots hot comet-like planet ( 1

coondoggie writes: Is it a planet or a comet? Astronomers are calling a newly explored scorched object a "cometary planet" because it has the components of a planet but with a tail like a comet. Astronomers from the University of Colorado in Boulder using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope say the planet, named HD 209458b, is orbiting so close to its star that its heated atmosphere is escaping into space, creating a tail-like appearance.

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