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Comment Absolute FUD (Score 2) 180

"Cooking on gas or electric stoves and electric toaster ovens was a major source of UFP, with peak personal exposures often exceeding 100,000 particles/cm and estimated emission rates in the neighborhood of 10 particles/min."

So in other words, a toaster puts out 10x more UFPs. Nothing to see here folks.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20087407

Comment Re:Well, he's not afraid his company might fire hi (Score 2) 486

What you're referring to is the Liverpool Care Pathway. Which is a mechanism for palliative care, which the patient can only be put onto voluntarily or in the event they are incapable (coma etc) their legal representative (spouse etc) can make the decision for them. Additionally the news article you link to, quotes a news article which was withdrawn as it was found to be grossly misleading/fabricated...

Comment Re:Welcome to the 1980's (Score 3, Informative) 119

Welcome to the 1980's, guys.

Data Protection Act (1984) UK, subsequently revised several times to clarify its intent.

You can write to ANY company, entity or organisation (even a website) and DEMAND all information they are storing on you. They may charge you only a reasonable administrative cost. Even applies to CCTV of yourself (but, obviously, in that case you have to give them enough information to determine who you are on their CCTV systems and can't just expect them to trawl years of video looking for your left arm).

How can you know whether a company is distributing incorrect / damaging information about yourself without the right to demand to see that information, the right to change it where it is erroneous, and the ability to control what they are allowed to do with it.

I believe the California law goes one further in not just saying what the business knows about you, but who they sold the information to as well. And it's ongoing - as long as your information is passed to a third party, the company has an obligation to notify you of what they passed on.

The DPA prevents companies from selling the data without your permission. Companies can only process data for the purpose it was collected for, e.g no reusing data without permission. Additionally they may not sell or transfer it to a jurisdiction where the privacy controls are weaker to get around this restriction.

Comment Re:nope, RTFWA (Score 1) 909

taking 5 gm and dividing or multiplying by 10s isn't quite metric system, neither is taking 1.03 L for base volume unit.

you'd better take steps to educate yourself lest our new not-quite metric asian overlords be displeased

"SI is the official system of units, but traditional units are still ubiquitously used in everyday life."

The official Chinese system is metric. They also happen to have a traditional one. You might want to check your own reading skills.

Comment A more pressing question. (Score 1) 2987

As usual people are trotting out the age old adage: "Gun's don't kill people, people kill people" or some variant. To those that support this opinion, what is it that makes Americans so much more blood thirsty than the rest of the world? Why is it America has so many mass shootings compared to other developed countries? Comparatively, the UK has a far lower homicide rate than the US (The entire country of 60 million has less homicides than NYC (pop 8 million)), if that's not due to gun control, what is it due to?

Comment Re:(or 192 mph) (Score 1) 180

Significant digits, motherfucker! Do you know them?

I've not read the article, but 300 can have 1, 2 or 3 significant figures. If I'm measuring a length to three significant digits and it happens to be precisely 200, I've not lost precision...

Comment Re:Passing the blame (Score 1) 209

These statistics are just that. They completely disregard the wood burning fires that 2 billion people in Asia make everyday to cook. That is the source of the brown haze and not in these stats.

Wood burning is carbon neutral (think about it). Additionally carbon it produces does not travel long distances. Also, bear in mind that gasoline is effectively high density wood. These people may be burning wood, but they aren't driving cars.

Comment Re:Passing the blame (Score 2) 209

At best useless, at worst a deliberately tendentious metric. Might as well measure it by hair length.

Sure, the PER PERSON pollutant output of countries like India and China is low; they have BILLION(s) of people living essentially like pre-industrial primitives.

Let's use CO2, since you like that metric, but instead of using raw population numbers, let's take at OUTPUT: PPP.

US CO2 5.7 bill (tons/yr), China CO2 3.4 US PPP: $11 trillion. China PPP $7 trillion On that basis they're basically the same.

If we compare per-capita income - since you want to consider that whole population figure more proportionally: US citizens have a PPP income of $43K. China's is $7K. At that same proportion, China's pollution output should be barely 1 bill ton/yr - or in other words, they are putting out more than 3.5 TIMES more pollution per $1 that goes into their citizen's pockets, than the US.

What were you saying again about the US being the "worst in the world"?

If you want to dig deeper you're missing another crucial point, that also explains the PPP:CO2 imbalance.

A significant proportion of Chinese emissions are related to the manufacture of goods which are directly exported to the USA. That is to say, as American manufacturing capacity has declined over the last 50 years, the CO2 production has been outsourced to China. This explains the CO2:PPP imbalance as the majority of the manufactured goods/wealth are immediately exported back to America.

Additionally, this article is framed in the context of pollution over mainland America. We can explain away the reasons for the CO2 production, but fundamentally America is producing as much CO2 as China in absolute terms, despite a far lower manufacturing base.

Comment Passing the blame (Score 4, Interesting) 209


Per person, the USA is the worst country in the world for air pollution, whereas China and India are among the best. Even if you ignore population and compare absolutely, the USA produces 5x the pollution of India and roughly equivalent to the pollution of China.

If there is a smog cloud over North America, I would be looking much closer to home to find the source...

Beware the Perils of Caffeine Withdrawal 700

palegray.net writes "CNN is running an article on the notorious effects of caffeine withdrawal, a problem that seems to be affecting an increasing number of people. Citing numerous reasons why people might need to cut back on their caffeine intake (pregnancy, pre-surgery requirements, etc), the story notes a significant number of people who are simply unable to quit. I drink around eight cups of coffee a day, along with a soda or two, and I definitely suffer from nasty withdrawal symptoms without my fix."

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