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Comment Re:I remember... (Score 3, Interesting) 236

I was in grade school... home from the day for some reason (sick maybe?)

I was also home sick that day, from first grade. I had become very interested in the space program and it was the first time I would see a shuttle launch on television. Actually, I don't recall seeing another until at least my teenage years. Watched on the television in my parents bedroom, and couldn't think of what to do when it exploded. I went downstairs and told my mother, and she in turn could not think of what to say back to me. It remains one of the most vivid memories of childhood.

Comment End users can't enforce retention (Score 4, Insightful) 184

I fail to see why it's relevant that an individual end user had only 18 emails when he receives hundreds daily. I would love to have this individual in my organization, less chance of corrupt Outlook .pst files and less to backup from the workstation. Retention policies should have nothing whatsoever to do with what recipients retain in their local mail stores. Retention, compliance, and backup policies are enforced at the server.

Comment Re:What about when I get there? (Score 1) 1385

Fast railways are great for distances like 400-600km (they are too big to comfortably drive by car and too small for planes).

Yes. I live in Minneapolis, and must frequently travel to Detroit, via Chicago. Here you have a string of three large cities separated by 250-300mi each. Driving the distance takes a full day which is very difficult with small children, and air travel is monopolized by Delta/NWA with sky-high prices. Even if rail travel gains us back only 25% of the time it takes to drive, we will at least have the freedom to move around a little in transit, visit a dining car, and not have to keep little ones strapped into car seats. Currently, Amtrak takes around 14 hours to go that distance and driving is a little less than 12 hours. I would be happy with a 9 hour rail trip, and the geography is just right for high-speed lines if it continues east to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and joins to the more obvious east coast lines.

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