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Comment Seems reasonable. (Score 3, Informative) 162

It looks like 2014 saw a large bump in employees:

Fiscal Year Ending Head Count Net Revenue (US$) Growth Net Income (US$) Growth
June 30, 2016 114,074 $85.32B -9% $16.79B 38%
June 30, 2015 117,354 $93.58B 8% $12.19B -45%
June 30, 2014 128,076 $86.83B 12% $22.07B 1%
June 30, 2013 99,139 $77.85B 6% $21.86B 29%
June 30, 2012 94,290 $73.72B 5% $16.98B -27%
June 30, 2011 90,412 $69.94B 12% $23.15B 23%

Going from 99,139 in 2013 to 114,074 in 2016 seems like it tracks better with previous growth patterns. But please don't let this change your opinion. :)

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 2, Insightful) 270

Being blatantly partisan would harm their business (by insulting their Republican and Independent user base). As a public company, they have a fiscal duty to not place personal political beliefs above the interests of the company (or a shareholder lawsuit might ensue).

If there is a "Filter out any negative Hillary Clinton news until we get enough pressure to release it" filter, then they are setting themselves up for trouble.

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