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Comment Re:Some truth... (Score 1) 269

We don't know how many miles have been driven autonomously.

"The company said Autopilot-enabled cars had covered 130 million miles without a fatality, compared to a national average of one fatality every 94 million miles."

And, remember, we are talking about a glorified cruise control that simply has to stay within the lines.
We definitely don't have the data Teslas is claiming that we have.

Comment Somewhat sceptical. (Score 1) 163

Being a somewhat sceptical individual, this really doesn't help my view on environmentalists in general. It seems that what governments and organizations tend to latch onto these bad ideas, applying magical thinking to fill in the gaps. I would much rather see well reasoned approaches to making our lives better. Any of those around (the more non-political the better)?

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