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Comment Re:Yay! Sandboxes! (Score 2, Insightful) 95

Are you absolutely sure it's not Flash/PDF/[Silver/Moon]light plugins that are freezing Chrome?

Wait, hang on, what's the difference in a plugin freezing Chrome and the problem described by GP? He says a tab can hang and then sometimes all the other tabs die too, to the end user who cares if it's technically caused by a plugin or not?

Comment Re:Not full/real 3D (Score 1) 77

Indeed, your point is valid. It's a classic issue that we don't get perspective-changing 3d with the current round of 3d. The equally-classic response to your idea of "proper 3d" is that it causes problems for multiple viewers since you suddenly can't sit at an angle to the TV because it leaves you looking at the walls of the recording studio.

How would you choose to solve it? I don't mean technically, let's just imagine it's possible in an easy and nonintrusive way, how do you then imagine the livingroom and/or theater of the future?

Comment Bad presentation! (Score 1) 140

Is it just me or is that just a horrible video? Especially for Slashdotters.. If they would simply recut it, showing each of the useful features (bookmarking, skimming, translation, read-aloud) it would have made me interested. It sounds like a cool research project but right now the smarminess of the video has me running for the hills.

(And what's with the first link? Seems to be to some totally different topic, but maybe that's my bad for trying to read the article)

Comment Re:reality distortion field (Score 1) 1010

Take note of parent! It's an important posts!

Because it is exactly wrong.

This is exactly why the iPad has a chance of success: It's not about the features, it's not about more capable netbooks, just as it wasn't about more capable phones being available back with the iPhone. If the iPad delivers the features users want then that counts magnitudes more than a netbook chugging along trying to open Photoshop with limited resources.

There's a core group of /.'ers that'll never wake up to this though, that sees the world in black and white and therefore must hate whatever device that doesn't do everything. And bless all those nerds, this simply isn't a device for them. What matters is if the iPad can enable tech-illiterate people to easily create documents, easily browse the web, easily email people, and maybe even discovering an app or two along the way. That's a powerful promise, that's a recipe for success,. Just like it was for the iPhone.

(caveat: Whether or not the iPad will actually succeed remains to be seen, but it doesn't hinge on whether or not a netbook might be capable of more. That's not how the market works (see: the iPhone) and it is imo a damn narrow-minded attitude to put forth)

Comment EVE Online (Score 1) 480

I put forth EVE Online as the new UO. As far as I can tell (I didn't play UO but friends of mine did) EVE has a similar cutthroat PvP oriented culture where exploits are allowed within the gamerules. I'm not judging either game, just drawing parallels between the two worlds and their willingness to let players make stupid mistakes and pay for it.

Comment Re:First Polanski (Score 1) 315

Sorry, I like all things interesting but your intepretation is incorrect. Why would he search in French? No he googled for what she wrote/said and then activated Directive Omega (i.e. Win Over French Girl)

Comment Re:Bad for the next maintainer (Score 4, Interesting) 394


I use proportional fonts (on whiteish background) because I'm a rebel and don't have any nostalgia for black-background-green-text terminals (i.e. I enjoy the increased readability). And contrary to your statement my code is properly tabbed, functions are aligned, everything is indented just the way FSM demands it. I know this because my coworker enjoys his nonproportional black-backgrounded terminal look and our code is interchangeable.

I simply stay away from "clever alignment tricks". I don't align comments up that sit at the end of my code lines, and you know what? Neither should you. They're annoying no matter the font-type because rewriting one line can make you end up re-indenting all the comments in that block and it's just such a silly waste of time. In my world comments go above a line, or even better is writing the code so at most it needs a little Docstring blurp to provide some context.

To recap: I'm glad you're not my boss you goddamned controlfreak. I get to read my code in sparkly pink letters as long as it doesn't affect my output or my coworkers.

Comment Re:They could but there is a problem, (Score 1) 258

Oh cool, that's not a story I'm familiar with. I went and googled for the answer I was about to ask:
"In his short story "A Slight Case of Sunstroke", Arthur C. Clarke writes of a stadium full of disgruntled soccer fans barbecueing the dishonest referee by reflecting sunlight on him with mirrors found under their seats."

Comment Re:Sell it (Score 1) 416

Easy means you don't have to ever wonder if this file needs the PC turned on, it means not having to keep yet another program uptodate when updates come out, and it means not having to do any of the tiny little steps you're forgetting to tell us. You sound like a poweruser though so to you it seems really easy, but for those who just want the easiest solution it's not good enough. Easy is buying a movie off of iTunes and it always plays when clicking Play. Always. The first time it doesn't, for practically any reason at all, it starts becoming a burden.

Comment Re:I'm impressed... NOT! (Score 1) 362

So that's, what, eight years ago? You had a problem with a genre of drivers notorious for being problematic (network issues have always been a constant pain), on a platform known for its millions of hardware combinations? And they got it wrong with your specific combination, oh woe is them... maybe it's time to kiss and make up?

I don't really care what you do man, and I'm not saying my rephrasing of your problem is any more "right" than what you posted. It just sounds like maybe its time to revisit your feelings and test if the underlying reasons remain valid. Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft's VM department really do want to give their customers the best Linux experience possible. Sounds like basic business to me, so I imagine the drivers will work pretty well for what they're for.

Comment Re:Science, lol? (Score 1) 311

Huh, how interesting. I don't believe I'd want to use your system.

You're right that abstract categories and open ended text-fields can make for vague and deceitful answers, but... that's the person you're seeing reflected in the text! I want to read that person, I want to see how she describes herself or her interests. Or how she doesn't. Some girls are shy in their texts, and that says something too right?

It doesn't matter if you start off at a bar/party/box social or via text. I've gotten mails that completely fail to interest me and I'm sure I've sent them out as well. Just as I've been at parties where my smile freezes as I realize what an idiot I am and/or she is. It's as difficult to spot the crazies in text as it is in real life, but that's not really a problem per se. That's human nature. Making everything quantifiable strikes me as an engineer's attempt at a solution (no offense intended, some of my best friends are engineers :).

If I wanted the scientific approach to women I'd build my own robot, I actually prefer the little blurbs of handwritten text that let me analyze between the lines. I think of it as a richer way of communication than just a straight up list of facts*. But that's me, I have faith in my ability to parse meaningful metadata from text and voice. To others it might seem like white noise, so to each their own I suppose.

* With that said I do love being able to define "no smoking" as an easy filter rule. Good riddance!

Comment Re:Let me be the first one to ask it ... (Score 1) 1870

Every person who has downloaded and used it has stolen 9 dollars from me. With hundreds or thousands of people having done it, I am out thousands of dollars that I would have otherwise had.

I'm calling complete and utter bullshit on that. What has their copying *really* cost you? Nothing. Nothing at all, even in the slightest. Your statement is way too fanatical.

I'm not personally against the concept of copyright and I sympathize that the license of your product is being violated, but you're going to have to get out of doing digital products if you don't want your shit copied.

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