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Submission + - How Artemis can deliver 5G on 4G LTE devices today deployed worldwide via Nokia (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Nokia Networks and Artemis have already been working with tier-1 mobile operators, the first of which has successfully concluded technical due diligence of pCell technology and is planning a pCell trial with Nokia Networks and Artemis at the start of 2016. Trials, followed by full deployments with other tier-1 mobile operators, venue operators and enterprise are expected to follow.

Submission + - iPad mini: no Retina display until 2014?! (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: If you thought the iPad mini would be getting a Retina display in 2013, just in time for the iPad mini 2, an online report suggests that may be wishful thinking, perhaps leading us to a Retina-display not arriving until the iPad mini 3 in 2014.

Submission + - Gangnam Style: OMG, PSY-chotic CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: With Oppan-Style PSY and his Gangnam Style his nearing the 1 BILLION views mark on YouTube, the wonderful remakes of his video get taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with this stunningly AWESOME Christmas lights display that should make residents of Gangnam in South Korea stunningly jealous!

Submission + - Top 10 feature demands for 2013 Windows 8.1 update (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: No longer can Microsoft afford to wait three years until the next version of Windows, challenged as it is by Apple and Google’s much more frequent OS updates and upgrades, both major and minor, and with Microsoft itself saying faster updates for Windows 8 are on the cards, here’s what we’d like to see.

Submission + - Top 10 feature demands for the 2nd-gen 2013 iPad mini 2 (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Apple’s 2012 first-gen iPad mini has certainly caused some waves since it launched, with many parts of the world still waiting for the launch of the 4G LTE/GPS edition, if not still the Wi-Fi only model, but as always, we’re looking to the future and what might be with the iPad mini 2.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Stop whining: Windows 8's a gr8 Win, D'oh! (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: The narrative that Windows 8 is Vista II is way off the mark, with Windows 8 delivering the smoothest and best Windows desktop experience yet, finally joined by a full-screen multi-touch environment that even lets you run two apps at once – and effortlessly multitask between them all.

Submission + - June: new Macs beyond your experience, beyond your imagination? (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Ok, so the Dune reference and tagline may not have come to mind in the headline, so if not, the following article pays homage to the opening scene of the movie, with rumours suggesting there’ll be new “Ivy Bridge” Intel Core i5 and 7 based iMacs and MacBook Pros, if not MacBook Airs too — in June.

Submission + - LCA 2011: Sexual Images speaker apologises (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Author, educator and inventor Mark Pesce has issued an apology to those who were offended by the use of some sexual images in his keynote address to the 12th Australian national Linux conference in Brisbane on January 28.
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Aussies create super range analog spectrum Wi-Fi! (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Australia’s CSIRO, the national science organisation which won court cases against major networking names for using 802.11 wireless technologies without paying for them, has just made another important breakthrough in wireless technology which will re-use soon to be decommission analogue spectrum still currently delivering analogue TV signals until the nationwide 2013 cut-off date.

Submission + - Newsflash: Planet Earth and iPhones have germs! (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: OMG! Scientists make the earth shattering discovery that the screens of iPhones, iPads and other smart devices can carry germs, whether through display in stores or by the sharing of devices prompting calls for hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes, but while hygiene is always welcome, isn’t the whole thing a bit of a beat up?

Submission + - Do-gooders to 'save the children' and ban porn (itwire.com)

gadgetopia writes: Oh God, here we go again, righteous types in Australia are trying to tell free-thinking, law-abiding people what to do with their lives, and are now on a campaign to ban porn magazines and lads mags from the newsagents, petrol stations and shops they’ve been in for years to “save the children”.

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