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Comment These Things Never Make Sense To Me. (Score 2) 291

To me it seems like they are trying to double dip. If I buy a game, go online and play it for a few months, and then sell it to omeone else and they go onnlie to play, there is no difference in the server cost beyond adding that [lyers tats to the game. I'm simply giving up my reserved slot to someone else.

It's like the Other OS fiasco again. Whe they came out with the PSN, it was free. You have the game, you go online, no fees, you just enjoy it. Now they're saying "Oh actually, now you have to make sure it's a new gamely purchased game or you're out of luck." If they were so worried about the cost of maintaining servers and the like then they should have factored tht in to the cost of the console or the should have made the service into something like Xbox Live. As for the markeing speak, how is decreasing the number of players available forplay enhaning the experience?

Comment I guess (Score 2) 129

I've had just as much fun with Donkey Kong Returns as I had with the SNES series. Great game. Same goes for Mega Man 9 on the Wii Store. Bionic Commando Rearmed was good fun as well. It is possible to make games like they used to. You just have to look at the plethora of indie titles that are available on the Wii Store, XBLA, etc. Super Meat Boy anyone? That's Nintendo hard.

Comment Next Headline In The Case: (Score 1) 764

Jammie Thomas Found Dead Inside Home.

Jammie Thomas, after losing the forth round of her case against the RIAA, was found dead inside her home early this morning. Early reports indicate it appears to have been suicide. Jammie Thomas was recently ordered by the court to pay the RIAA the amount of 1.5 Million dollars after illegally downloading 24 songs 4 years ago....

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