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Comment oops (Score 1) 454

my laptop is old (2003), and i lived off the grid for a while, during which time it was often plugged into a generator that didn't give very a clean (or constant) quality feed. it now lasts for 12 minutes on a "full" charge, and won't even hold that charge for more than 48 hours of being unplugged and off.

Comment Re:OpenGL (Score 1) 541

having only tried TF2 via wine once about a year ago, i'd be inclined to agree with the AC. i got it running, and semi-playable, but the graphics were a little sluggish and stuttery - even on low settings, with directx adjustments and all the other tweaks recommended on winehq. it was enough of a performance hit to make me resigned to running a dual-boot system.

i'll check out playonlinux though, thanks for the link.

(hopes to god that it works, since my win7rc is expiring, i only own a copy of winXP 32bit, and having an entire second OS solely for the purpose of playing 2 or 3 games is getting old regardless...)

Comment Re:Savage 2 (Score 1) 460

another vote for savage 2.

s2 games is also working on heroes of newerth, a dota clone/fork/somethingorother (currently in beta). it runs (on all low settings) on my pentium m 1.8ghz mobility radeon 9700 old laptop. much nicer on my new desktop, but playable on weaker hardware. in short, s2 games gives me hope for the future of linux gaming.

world of goo (amazing)

Comment rup is confused (Score 1) 881

"Quality journalism is not cheap, and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalising its ability to produce good reporting," he said.

so fox news will still be free, since it clearly MUST be cheap, and they long ago cannibalized their ability to produce good reporting.


Submission + - How would you fill out a home rack? 3

Cryogenic Specter writes: Yesterday, a friend of mine just flat out game me a humongous rack enclosure. It's a large 7 foot tall black 19 inch rack cabinet with an open rear and a solid locking front door. It now sits in my living room and my wife of course thinks that I have lost my mind. I do not have any rack mountable hardware except an old 10/100 hub, but I was thinking of getting several rack shelves and using it to hold my various gaming systems, HTPC, stereo receiver, 300 disk DVD changer, and what not. I would probably buy a couple rack mount surge protectors for it, but what else should I consider?

I can get older rack servers on eBay for like $50 to $100 and all kinds of other junk, but what else? What would you do with something like this? If I don't think of something soon, my wife will want it to be on craigslist.

Oh yeah, NOT a beowulf cluster. I have no interest in that.

Comment drunkmods (Score 4, Insightful) 1142

a government job is not a "good" job, it is a drain on the tax base because it generates no wealth. It only helps the individual at the expense of the rest of us.

yeah, man. the military, police, firefighters, national park/forest system, local parks, judiciary, cia, roads, and schools are a real fuckin' drain. never did me any good; but goddamn, those bourgeois grunts and jarheads sure are living the high life (at the expense of the rest of us) in baghdad and kabul.

generating wealth isn't the only measure of usefulness. i agree with a lot of the other stuff you said, but the part i quoted is downright asinine.

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