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Submission + - The IMSLP Has Been Taken Down By UK Publishers 2

gacl writes: According to a post at the IMSLP Journal, the IMSLP, the largest site on the 'net providing public domain sheet music, has been taken down yet again. The UK-based Music Publisher's Association has sent GoDaddy, the IMSLP's domain registrar, a DMCA takedown notice. The IMSLP argues that the notice is bogus. More detailed discussions on the matter can be found at the IMSLP Forums.

Comment Re:"Years from now..." (Score 1) 273

"Years from now, you'll look back at Vista and realise how horribly you wronged it. If only you'd known! If only you'd seen the truth! But it's too late now, because Vista is dead, it died alone and unloved, spurned by the coldness of your heart and your disdain for it's ungainly sincerity. Now you find yourself wedded to an operating system that is capable but distant, it's caresses mechanical and devoid of warmth. You'll spend your nights lying in its cold embrace and think 'oh! Vista! How I wish I'd stuck with you instead of reaching for the stars!' But it will be too late. Vista is gone, and all that remains is an echo of a memory that could have been."

. . . said Guggenheimer after taking a hit from his bong.

Comment Re:Anyone know (Score 1) 413

Under the current Honduran law only congress can change the constitution (read: the "privileged class") and Zelaya wanted to allow for the Honduran people to be able to do that. The question is: How can that be done without violating the law?
True, he probably was going propose to do away with the limits to re-election but that's for the Honduran people to decide.
Remember that Chavez also tried to extend his term and was rejected by the referendum, and so did Uribe in Colombia. But funny that when (left-wing) Chavez did it the press had a field day, but (right-wing) Uribe's bid for limitless terms is not news.

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