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Comment The slashdot article recap is biased (Score 1) 327

The situation is the same that has been since apple supports TRIM, the only difference is, like other says, that to make 3rd party SSDs work with trim you'll have to disable device signing. That is not a "huge" security risk since that is a feature that you have from 10.10, so you are exposed to threat as you where before 10.10.... Plz remember that to disable kext signing you need the same privileges you need to replace a modified kext, so I don't see kext signing useful at all, and I disabled it on my two macs (both with 3rd party SSDs) that happily TRIM under 10.10....

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 303

It's easy to explain... GoDaddy and other hosting companies use IIS to "keep" parked domains. Someone wrote that Microsoft pay them to use IIS... I don't know if it's true. The only chart where IIS grow is present is the one that considers inactive sites. Other sites show IIS is as dead as usual and the only growing web server is ngix, that is anyway often used only as frontend for apache...

Comment Re:Licensing problems... (Score 1) 86

I have a pair of GPL apps on the AppStore myself (one of which, Eat the Whistle, is not free), but if you want to build a closed source app it may be problematic. LGPL requires dynamic linkage, or object code redistribution, you cannot dynamic link libraries not present in the iOS sdk on the Apple App Store, or your app is rejected. So you can publish to the App Store, but only if you build an opensource app, or if you distribute the object files for "relink" (not practical nor acceptable for closed source stuff). There are a few well-known opensource libraries that, given this restriction, made a "mobile platform" exception to their licensing. Other, like SDL, moved from LGPL to BSD.

Comment Pandas do not suit a fantasy world (Score 2) 523

I think pandas and the oriental style of pandaria are the reason I'm not playing anymore. Only Hello Kitty could be a worse playable race than a fat panda. Raids are not that bad, but too many mechanics, the daily grind is horrible, and there are one a few new dungeons (and none since 5.0...). The burning crusade: an alien planet to "explore" The lich king: a charismatic foe to kill Cataclysm: a bad-ass dragon that destroyed the world Pandaria: an island full of alchol-addicted pandas with laughable evil guys... (what the hell is a sha? :) )

Comment Finally REAL users review this thing... (Score 2) 740

It was just matter of time, the first reviews of windows 8 were mainly from tech magazines/blog that need to keep their microsoft advertising revenue, now more and more real users are finding how painful is to use this two faced operative system. Apple approached the "touch world" with a new OS that share only some API foundations with OSX, while Microsoft touched only the "surface" of the problem, trying to adapt is best horse (windows 7) to the "touch world"... The result is awful, trying to use office on a RT tablet for a few minutes is enough to see how bad it is their tablet solution.... and the amount of "start menu tools" and "corner sensitivity remover" for the desktop version show how bad the metro interface is in a mouse/keyboard enviroment....

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