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Comment Re:heh (Score 0, Insightful) 218

Hmm what about advertising some pre-existing features as new and innovative (front camera, touch screen, applications), when they're clearly something old and already present since ages on older non Apple phones? What about selling a product with a clear reception defect for 800 bucks? What about selling computers (and well as phones and mp3 players) at twice their market value just because of their brand and not because of their internal hardware (identical to other brands because nowaday based on Intel CPU). Sure they are honest!!! ;-)

Comment Re:More Cores, More Power (Score 0) 661

Exactly, you have to see also what kind of instructions are used, how they're used and how programs are coded to benefit of those functions. Moreover there are some Intel i5 CPUs that are dual core and other ones that are quad core, so not even the CPU family is enough anymore to know anything anymore which makes for the average not so tech savvy buyer even more difficult to choose and to know the real differences. But mainly this is probably just pure marketing!

Google Chrome Now Has Resource-Blocking Adblock 335

MackieChan writes "It seems to have slipped under the radar, but Google Chrome now has resource-blocking abilities, and may have had the ability for some time. Using the 'beforeload' event on the document, an extension can now intercept resources from loading. Adblock for Chrome has already added it, and I expect the other 'ad-blocking' extensions have as well. Before you start praising Google, however, it's the WebKit team that deserves your credit; one Chromium developer responded to praise by stating '... thank Apple — they added it to WebKit, we just inherited it.' Firefox vs. Chrome just got a bit more exciting."

Comment Re:3. Profit! 4. Fix the problem? (Score 0) 289

I'm happy we found finally the right way to conclude this and u made a point, thing that wasn't coming out earlier. Ok about the use of doubles (like pistacchio), but about some dishes that are totally non existent I'll keep least when they pretend they're italian! When I was in NJ a group of italian-american girl nearly wanted to start a fight just cuz I said that chicken parmigiana is not italian and if u go to italy they don't cook nor sell it. Lol! Cheers man!

Comment Re:3. Profit! 4. Fix the problem? (Score 0) 289

I'm gonna let it go because I'm not a troll as someone marked me in this thread. I just want to let people know how things are. Because especially about Italy and italian culture there's a lot of disinformation, mostly spread by ignorance and by italian-american people. It will sound weird to you to know there's no such thing as veil piccata or marinara sauce or chicken parmigiana, in Italy simply because they're not italian things, just american invention that someone decided that people should believe they're truly italian recipes when here in Italy don't exist at all. Moreover Panini is the plural of panino and that pistachio is actually correctly written pistacchio and the right way to write straciatella is stracciatella...I could go on for ages. The only true thing said abroad about Italy is that our prime minster is a dickhead and I'm happy that abroad this is well known, I'm just sad that in Italy there are people that don't realize it. But I'd better end it and sorry if I disturbed you, I know all this developed in an extreme OT.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Windows vs. Ubuntu — Dell's Verdict 718

Barence writes "Remember how Dell put up a website declaring Ubuntu was safer than Windows, only to later change its mind? Well, the company has gotten right back into the Windows vs. Ubuntu debate with a highly sophisticated website arguing the pros and cons of each OS. People should choose Windows, argues Dell, if: they are already using Windows, are familiar with Windows, or are new to computers. People should choose Ubuntu if they're interested in open-source programming. Brilliant."

When On the Moon and Mars, Move Underground 294

astroengine writes "Recent observations of the lunar and martian surface are turning up multiple discoveries of 'skylights' — collapsed roofs of hollow rilles or lava tubes. These holes into ready-made underground bunkers could provide ideal shelter for future manned bases on the two worlds. Firstly, they would provide shelter from the barrage of micrometeorites, solar x-rays and deep space cosmic rays. Secondly, they'd help protect our burgeoning colonists from the extreme swings in surface temperature (on the moon, temperatures vary by 500 degrees F, but inside these lava tubes, the environment remains at a fairly constant -35 degrees). Thirdly, the sci-fi notion of underground space cities could become a reality."

Comment Re:3. Profit! 4. Fix the problem? (Score 0) 289

I'm not, there are a lot of wrong conventions especially with italian words used abroad, that doesn't make them more correct at all, it just makes the amount of ignorant people bigger. This is not valid only for italian words of course but convention doesn't make something correct and it sucks when convention makes its way in written words and not just in slang.

Comment Re:3. Profit! 4. Fix the problem? (Score 0) 289

No I'm not. I'm italian (not italian american) and I know both languages pretty well. I live in Italy. The spelling mistake would have been the correct thing if the final "e" in linguine had to be pronounced as the english "e" in "adobe", instead it has to be pronounced like the "e" in "red", hence linguine is the way it's written in italian and linguini is wrong in any case.

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