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Comment Missed a step... (Score 0) 181

Missed a step somewhere. Turn off the RAID or change out the 2.5 disk. What is so hard with that? If you wanted to put linux on something, choosing Lenovo with Windows 10 was your first mistake. Secondly, there is no "RAID Lock in". All raid devices can be undone. GParted can remove this I believe. You're first fallacy was thinking that linux would work on lenovo out of the box. But sure, you tried to install Ubuntu so obviously you're a linux noob.

Comment Good lord (Score 0) 928

Am I the only one who agrees with her? Look, it's one thing for freedom of speech but the toxic environment that is kernel-space is why so many of us avoid it. If I wanted to be yelled at, I would have joined the military. I understand calling someone out on something that's wrong, but there's a way to do it without causing the other person to go slit his/her wrists over it.

Comment Calm the fuck down (Score 1) 208

"The Fair Work Commission didn't find that unfriending someone on Facebook constitutes workplace bullying," Josh Bornstein, a lawyer at the firm Maurice Blackburn, told ABC News. Unfriending someone isn't workplace bullying, and shame on the poster for suggesting such a thing without even reading the article.

Comment Except... (Score 1) 170

That Steam Machines don't require an XBox One. I don't own any of these current gen consoles and never will. I have a much more powerful HTPC than an XBox One that runs Steam OS, has enough ports for an 8 man couch multiplayer session, has 2TB of disk space, with a better graphics card, better ram, and complete open-ness to install whatever I want.

Comment What? (Score 4, Informative) 83

I really don't understand why this article is a thing. For 1, it's a really shitty way to generate dungeons as there are vastly superior ways of doing it: cellular automata for example can product cave like dungeons, regular rectangular dungeons, etc and not just something made with ASCII that needs to then be converted. I've even seen KDtree's drawn out to represent rooms and such for muds. This article fails on a multitude of fronts. First being the DICE ad tracker embedded in the link to the article. Second, being the fact that he is "impressed" with how fast it runs on a Core-i7. Third, the use of SourceForge, where projects go to die. And finally, the fact that the article says it's geared towards beginners, teaching them bad coding practices and the like with the shitty code that's on sourceforge.

Comment Re: Definitely hype (Score 1) 78

I agree, backbone has worked well for me for a while now. I use what I need (controllers, views, models) and leave what I don't (routes). I use underscore templates for the views, and compress all that shit down to like 200kb. Which is still a lot. I'm so sick of page bloat that I fundamentally go out of my way to criticize people who think 1mb page loads are ok.

Comment Definitely hype (Score 1) 78

I used React.js, then I dropped it in favor of html, because after all, html is how you build UI in... ...html. Sure I use templates, I use client-side javascript view-model binding, but I found React.js over engineered and not worth using. To me it's always screamed "flavor of the month" against other, more mature javascript libraries like Backbone and Ember. But to each their own I guess.

Comment Re: If it ain't broke... (Score 3, Informative) 288

How about "Its working, dont fuck with it"

Wish someone had told Gnome that...

Yeah. I mean I totally buy into innovation for innovation's sake. But VirtBox just works. Sure when a new OS comes out there's work to be done to make it so it will boot in Virtual Box but still. It's worked well for me for years where when I upgrade my OS, VMWare Fusion refuses to work until I pay them (again). I also firmly believe that software which is currently working and working well for most, doesn't need constant attention and "updates" to keep it relevant. It's relevant by working. This is why we still have X11, why we still have Grub, etc. Get off your high horse about not working on something that isn't broken and join us who realize our time is better spent elsewhere unless it isn't.

Comment There's only one reason... (Score 2) 495

And that is back in 1998-2002, Cable companies here in the USA (as well as smaller ISP's) started merging. They said it would make for better infrastructure but in fact what it did was stifle innovation. Now we have 3 major cable companies, all with their own territories, with bills in place that make it illegal for anyone else to lay cable or fiber. They can cap our data and our speeds and it's totally within the law to do so. The government doesn't care because the FCC is made up of ex-cable execs who only have the cable interests at heart. I know because I used to work for a cable company in the south east who only existed because of a law that forbid TWC from operating there. But the cable company was utilizing all of TWC's resources and networks to deliver their "brand". Europe on the other hand, dictated by government ownership of utilities saw a need to better internet, so they invested in more fiber lines and more cables to bring faster internet to their clients. Here in the US, we are still using DOCSIS crap that was pioneered in the 90's. They have no interest in expanding because expanding their lines costs money, and they'd rather squeeze it out of american's at 4mbps connections for $60/mo with a $10/mo overage fee per 1gb of data.

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