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Comment Re:Very Serious Flaws (Score 1) 532

You cannot just rewrite fundamental physics to fix one issue without also looking at the implications of your theory

I think people get a little too upset when discussing how it could potentially work. If it seems to work on Earth but we're not convinced it would work in space, no need to debate the theory until you're blue in the face: just build a small one, send it to space, turn the power on and see if it moves.

If it works, we don't need to know how, we can start using it.

Comment Re:Start your own (Score 4, Insightful) 472

Look, obviously the young punks willing to work for cheap and able to write are finding better-paying jobs. So many employers are puzzled that they can never find a decent employee for less than it costs to hire and keep a decent employee. It's not rocket science : if nobody with half a brain wants the job you offer, then you're not paying enough.

Comment Re:But We're Living a Lot Longer (Score 2) 97

It is a misconception that we live (much) longer, people think that because they hear of a life expectancy of 40 years or something like that, but that's the life expectancy _at birth_ . If you lived to be twenty, you could reasonably hope to live to be seventy. What we have now is less infant mortality, not longer lives.

Comment Re:i'd like to see that (Score 2) 393

He has a point. My computer is a bit old, and while can still watch any flash video smoothly, html5 video is unwatchable, even at the lowest possible resolution. I'm not on one side or the other in the debate, it's just a fact that I don't own a computer that can play html5 video, but I have several that can play flash video just fine.

Comment Re:Onanism (Score 1) 245

I've never heard of you. I would never ever read any of your work. Except if I could find some of it for free on TPB... That's just me of course, but I don't think I'm particularly atypical.

Also, even if piracy really did hurt artists, big fucking deal. I love art but it should be produced for its own sake dammit, what makes you think you can profit for years, decades even, from a few hours or days of "work" during which you did exactly what you wanted to?

What, that book you spent five months writing a quarter of a century ago isn't bringing you money anymore? Boo-fucking-hoo.

Comment Re:What porn (Score 1) 544

Uh, what? I've had a look, and there is indeed a video and an image composed of four stills. Both depict an ejaculation adequately. The two gentlemen in the pictures are average. They would be considered small by porn standards. The amount of semen is average too. No stimulation of the genitals is shown.

If you want to illustrate an encyclopedic article about ejaculation with something better than a drawing, this is as modest and "decent" as it can possibly be. It may technically be porn, but it is very clearly meant to inform, not to arouse.

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