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Comment Re:Bad choice for delivery. (Score 1) 378

Drones, at least the quad copter style, cannot fly level,. They must tilt in the direction of travel. It makes them a poor choice for any package that must stay level. So for Amazon, fine, for Dominoes it would be a disaster.

Wouldn't it be simple enough to resolve this issue with fitting the "claw" that holds the pizza on a gimbal so the pizza can remain level during flight?

Comment What you have (Score 5, Insightful) 98

I have never understood why software tokens have been allowed to be considered a "factor" in multi factor authentication. Particulary when it is stored on the same laptop/computer that the user is utilizing to connect to the secure resource. Doesn't it make more sense to have each factor seperated by an air gap or alternate communiation channel? That way if the system where the users is typing a password is compromised only the password is compromissed with possibly the ping from the token which would be a one time key. Even if the one time key and the password are comprimised the attacker basicly has to use it at the same time.

Comment Re:To be fair.... (Score 1) 268

And as for people who run unlocked wireless routers and let anybody in the neighborhood utilize their bandwidth, I have zero sympathy.

Right, because we should expect 100% of the US population to understand network security and know how to properly secure a wifi router. Makes perfect sense!

Exactly, and i will take it one step further. What if they do thier best to secure their device but it only allows the use of protocols with know security issues. Think WEP when that was about all there was for a home user. Hell my parents got a new cable modem/router/access point from their ISP and the thing only supprted WEP. That was last year! I also think people should be able to share their wifi with whoever they want and not have to worry about being held responsible for what someone else does with it.


Submission + - Kinect comes to Smart Phones? (

mikejuk writes: Researchers at MIT have come up with a fast, accurate, cheap way to measure a depth field. It promises portable depth detectors small enough to fit in a mobile phone so bringing all the sorts of amazing apps that the Kinect has inspired to the mobile world.
Using just a single light source and a single light detector (not a camera) they can reconstruct the depth field from f measurements made though a set of random masks. A lot of clever signal processing is involved but the result is an accurate depth field from really simple hardware — there's a video that explains it all.
It isn't at the commercial stage just yet but Intel have given $100,000 to help the research on its way.

The Military

Submission + - Droneception: A drone within a drone within a dron (

smitty777 writes: Given the US's recent drone issues, what is the new recipe for sending a drone over another country of interest? Simple, just take a balloon, and attach a Tempest drone to the bottom of it. Now, attach two more CICADA (sic) drones to that. The balloon climbs to over 55k feet, drops the first drone which can travel another 11 miles or so. It then deploys the CICADA drones. These unpowered gliders slip past the radars undetected and start sending back info. There are future plans to mount many (count hundreds) of the CICADA glider drones to the Tempest in the future. The article quotes the flight engineer describing the process as "straight forward".

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