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Comment Re:it has changed it indeed (Score 1) 108

thats exactly what I was talking about! the brain taking the easy route and being lazy, but you will not deny that before the internet you made a great deal about remembering things that might come in handy later on because it was difficult to search for them, ask yourself this, when you look for something useful on the web, do you make a conscious effort to remember what you just learned or you just verify the information and forget about it because you know it will be there later? as opposed of looking up something on a book or the yellow pages and taking notes here and there? that part, the writing, the repeating the data to yourself ,the process of reaffirming the information on the brain is getting weaker and weaker. how long until that tendecy gets hard wired in our brains?

Comment Re:it has changed it indeed (Score 1) 108

philosphy its an interesting case, it really depends on what you understand by that term. if its the general lines of the schools of tought, well that is not that deep, and thus not that difficult to remember, funny thing with that is that philosophy is that deep down its just a fancy name for "reasoning" and you do reasoning every single day. not particle physics reasoning (unless you are a scientist) but just enough to keep your edge on the basis of philosophy.

Comment it has changed it indeed (Score 3, Insightful) 108

we all have experienced these changes, nowadays our brain is more adept at abstract concepts such as icons and other kind of meaning structures, the flip side is we do not rely on memory as much as we used to. try this nice experiment: try to do something that you were reasonable skillful at a long time ago. sciency stuff works fine for this, like solving a differential equation by a particular method, you WILL feel the need for a search engine in no time.

Comment needs more than that (Score 1) 146

well even tho they succeeded on launching their gaming business, I believe they really REALLY need to start building brand loyalty, NOBODY likes microsoft as a company, you might like windows, xbox, and games for windows live (why like GFWL is beyond me but whatever),but if MS went crashing and burning down today, nobody would really care about the company, about the services, yes; but about the company.. not really.

Comment java? let it die in peace please. (Score 1) 130

I lost ALL interest in developing in the java platform (certainly a painful decision as it was my weapon of choice), I truly belive Oracle will be harmful to java, they will twist everything that's good about the platform for the sake of near-sighted business. They are the new AOL (remember winamp?), they will kill every piece of code in the sun ecosystem that depends on the community to survive. They just dont get it.

Comment reminds me of this nice story... (Score 2) 130

..And a fantastic painter named Ardois-Bonnot hangs a blasphemous Dream Landscape in the Paris spring salon of 1926. And so numerous are the recorded troubles in insane asylums that only a miracle can have stopped the medical fraternity from noting strange parallelisms and drawing mystified conclusions. A weird bunch of cuttings, all told; and I can at this date scarcely envisage the callous rationalism with which I set them aside...

Comment ahh the old ubi DRM BS (Score 1) 121

funny thing is... the "always connected" and the "login and play" DRM approach is enforced only for people that actually BUY the game, pirates will crack the shit out of the scheme and play offline. so there. so much for your DRM. ubisoft needs to understand that the more appreciation the gaming community have for you as a company has a bigger impact than any ridiculous DRM plans they might have. just ask the Super Meat Boy guys. and for ubi... well they are not big in the gamer community.nobody actually appreciate they actions as a company. they should get gabe newell to teach them how to build a fanbase.

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