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Submission + - Germany: Facebook's Facial Recognition is illegal (gizmodo.com)

fysdt writes: "Although we think it's generally a pretty nifty feature, valid concerns over the misuse of Facebook's auto-recognition tagging have lead Germany to ban it entirely. That's right—Facebook in its current state is now illegal. Deep Scheiße, Zuckerberg.

The German government—which possesses perhaps the world's most adamant privacy laws as a result of postwar abuse—considers The Book's facial recognition a violation of "the right to anonymity," The Atlantic reports."


Submission + - Apple may launch video streaming service (digitaltrends.com)

fysdt writes: "Apple may have a "secret" video streaming service in the works, according to market analysts and other reports.

Apple is rumored to have a “secret” videos streaming service in the works, according to a note to investors from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, as reported by Business Insider.

“As part of Apple’s roll-out of cloud video services (and eventually an iTV), we believe Apple has unannounced deals with all/most of the studios/TV networks that are similar to the subscription streaming deal between Amazon and CBS,” writes Misek.

The Amazon-CBS deal Misek references allows Amazon to stream old CBS reruns, which adds more than 2,000 new episodes to Amazon’s streaming lineup."


Submission + - Governments,IOC and UN hit by massive cyber attack (bbc.co.uk)

fysdt writes: "IT security firm McAfee claims to have uncovered one of the largest ever series of cyber attacks.

It lists 72 different organisations that were targeted over five years, including the International Olympic Committee, the UN and security firms.

McAfee will not say who it thinks is responsible, but there is speculation that China may be behind the attacks.

Beijing has always denied any state involvement in cyber-attacks, calling such accusations "groundless"."


Submission + - Google's Chrome 13 introduces "Instant Pages" (engadget.com)

fysdt writes: "Google just wouldn't be Google if it wasn't wringing out every last iota of performance from its products. The latest Chrome release is no different, ushering Instant Pages out of the dev channel and into the hands of the proletariat. The headline feature uses an algorithm to "guess" where you'll click next, pre-fetching and pre-rendering the result if it's confident enough. Mountain View says it's the only "high-profile" site to support the tech, but interested web masters can can partake of the instantaneous Google goodies by peeping the more coverage link below. Tweaks to the Omnibox — which now returns URL and title history results based on partial queries — and the addition of print previews for Windows and Linux round out the 13th version of the popular browser."

Submission + - Study: Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQ (socialbarrel.com)

fysdt writes: "Users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser have lower IQ than their counterparts who use other browsers, a study from a web consulting firm reveals.

According to a large study conducted by Vancouver, Canada-based AptiQuant, those who use the Internet Explorer web browser scored lower in an IQ test they conducted.

The large study which involved 100,000 participants says Internet Explorer users scored lower than average in the IQ test."


Submission + - Mind Control: Brain Waves Control Car (go.com)

fysdt writes: "It's the future. You're racing down the highway when, all of a sudden, the driver ahead of you slows down. You know you need to hit the brakes to avoid an accident, but your foot can't move as fast as your brain. You're about to rear-end the guy, except. ... ... except that your car has read your mind. It picks up your brain waves and automatically slows down. Accident averted."

Submission + - Apple holding more cash than USA (bbc.co.uk)

fysdt writes: "Apple now has more cash to spend than the United States government.

Latest figures from the US Treasury Department show that the country has an operating cash balance of $73.7bn (£45.3bn).

Apple's most recent financial results put its reserves at $76.4bn (£46.9bn).

The US House of Representatives is due to vote on a bill to raise the country's debt ceiling, allowing it to borrow more money to cover spending commitments.

If it fails to extend the current limit of $14.3 trillion (£8.7tn) dollars, the federal government could find itself struggling to make payments, and risks the loss of its AAA credit rating."


Submission + - It's official - computerised agents do it better! (soton.ac.uk)

fysdt writes: "Robot trading agents, which already dominate the foreign exchange markets, have now been definitively shown to beat human traders at the same game.

Results presented at a conference last Friday (22 July) showed beyond doubt that computerized trading agents, using the Adaptive Aggressiveness (AA) strategy developed at the University of Southampton in 2008, can beat both human traders and robot traders using any other strategy.

The new results were obtained after a re-run of the well-known IBM experiment (2001) where human traders competed against state-of-the-art computerised trading agents — and lost.

Ten years on, experiments carried out by Marco De Lucas and Professor Dave Cliff of the University of Bristol have shown that AA is now the leading strategy, able to beat both robot traders and humans."


Submission + - Apple wins global smartphone crown, Nokia now 3rd (cnet.com)

fysdt writes: "Apple, followed closely by Samsung Electronics, overtook Nokia in global smartphone market share during the second quarter.

Apple controlled nearly a fifth of the smartphone market, or a share of 18.5%, as it shipped more than 20 million iPhones, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics. Samsung Electronics wasn't far behind, with 17.5% of the market share and 19.2 million smartphones shipped. Nokia fell to third, with its market share plunging by more than half to 15.2% from 38.1% a year ago."

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