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Submission + - SCO Manipulating Wikipedia?

User L writes: "Not long after Microsoft was embroiled in controversy over their plan to pay a consultant for favorable edits to the OOXML articles, there's evidence that SCO may be following suit. While it's not unusual to see a Wikipedia user to get banned for vandalism, it's certainly interesting that that user is potentially a SCO employee, potentially even a SCO executive. Fortunately, Wikipedia administrators already have a handle on the vandalism, but can anyone here find definitive proof linking SCO to these edits?"
User Journal

Journal Journal: Help Define "Zonkdogfology" - Save It From The Wikipedia Axe 6

After appearing in a Slashdot story, the word "Zonkdogfology" started getting picked up and used. Then someone submitted it to Wikipedia. But Wikipedia has slated its entry for deletion because it is made up, doesn't really have an authoritative definition, and "there are no reliable sources". So I'm pleading with the Slashdot community. Help authoritatively define "Zonkd

Submission + - Linux as an OS for music production?

Ximogen writes: "You just can't get decent music production tools for anything but Windows and MacOS, and I'll not touch anything from Apple with a bargepole. If you believe otherwise let me know as I'd be interested to find out. I currently use Cubase 4 as my primary music production application along with an extensive library of VST instruments, effects and mastering tools. So any Linux (either open or closed source) alternative would need to support VST2 & VST3"

I included the above comment in a post relating to a different story but it got me thinking. I am a Windows user for many reasons but the most significant reason in recent years is that I've just not been able to find acceptable music production tools for Linux. Given that I'm repeatedly informed by Linux users that Linux is more stable and out-performs Windows on equal hardware AND that I am currently looking to spec a new PC for the sole purpose of music production I thought I might put this to the test.

Unfortunately I fell at the first hurdle, drivers for my E-MU 1820M (E-MU 1010M + IO breakout box + sync daughter card) and given that I don't want to replace a perfectly functional £300+ audio interface that is pretty much where I've got to. Of course £300+ is peanuts compared to the extensive library of VST instruments, effects and mastering tools I've purchased over the years so if the performance benefits of moving to Linux were sufficient and I could utilize my existing library of VSTs I would consider new audio hardware.

While talking of hardware the new PC is likely to be built around an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz CPU on an Intel DP965LT motherboard.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is there likely to be enough of a performance difference to give any practical benefit? Does anyone out there use Linux for music production?

Any thoughts or recommendations gratefully received!

Submission + - Mathematicians finally map 57-dimensional shape

Matthew Sparkes writes: "A team has mapped a 57-dimensional structure called E8 and the results take up 60 gigabytes of data. The shape, called E8 (pronounced E-eight), is a Lie group. A Norwegian mathematician invented Lie groups in the 19th century to study symmetry. A Lie group underlies objects like balls, cylinders or cones that are symmetrical when rotated by small amounts. The team solved the problem in a four-year project using a supercomputer at the University of Washington in Seattle."

Submission + - Vista's desktop ... based on KDE 3.x?

TihSon writes: "Recently I had a chance to play with Microsoft's latest OS, and I would like to hear some feedback on an observation. In the past the KDE project has taken flak because some claim it is too 'Windows'. While playing with Vista though I had the distinct impression that this time it was M$ who was doing the copying. Bluntly put, I felt that the look ... but not necessarily the functionality ... of Vista's desktop was basically a greased up KDE clone. Has anyone else felt this way, or am I simply falling victim to a gradual case of fanboy-itus?"

Submission + - PHP5 and adding XSLT to the DOM and SimpleXML

An anonymous reader writes: PHP5 offers the developer a lot more muscle to work with XML. New and modified extensions such as the DOM, SimpleXML, and XSL make working with XML less code intensive. This article looks at input and output options, and you will learn how to use the Yahoo Web Services REST protocol interface to provide a more sophisticated showcase for the functionality of the DOM and SimpleXML extensions and concludes with the XSL extension.

Submission + - Urbi for Mindstorm NXT programming

JC Baillie writes: "Hi, You might have heard of URBI, an easy to use programming interface for robotics, which has been used so far on the Aibo. I thought you might be interested to know that we have released a version of URBI for Lego Mindstorms NXT. You can find more information here: URBI is free, with open source interfaces, and you don't have to change the original firmware to use it. We have a forum also to discuss technical matters here: Let me know what you think about it, Best Regards, JC Baillie"

Ian Murdock: Debian "Missing a Big Opportunity" 330

Natester writes "While Debian struggles to get its next release (Etch) out the door, the project's founder, Ian Murdock, has spoken out about politics, the lack of firm leadership, and Ubuntu's meteoric rise in prominence. Murdock believes that Debian is "process run amok" — nobody feels empowered to make decisions, leading to the sluggish rate of progress."
Linux Business

Submission + - iPhone gives rise to Mainstream Embedded Linux Cel

warcriminal writes: "Linux based cell phones are getting a second look and the source of this look by the industry is a stranger than fiction story — the iPhone. The iPhone is driving the resurgence of the Embedded Linux Cell Phone and PDA as a viable alternative. ives-rise-to-Mainstream-Embedded-Linux-Cell-Phones "

E8 Structure Decoded 127

arobic writes "A group of mathematicians from US and Europe succeeded in mapping the E8 structure, an example of a Lie group. These were developed by the well-known mathematician Sophus Lie (pronounce Lee) in the last century and are used for many applications, mainly in theoretical physics. This is an important breakthrough as it could help physicists working on Grand Unified Theories (aka GUTs)."

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