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Comment Re:Protection Against Incumbent Players (Score 1) 187

I spent the past four years of my life developing this tool for engine combustion, which exists primarily as software. If I had spent the past four years developing a better pitchfork, would you deny me a right to a patent on that tool? What is the intrinsic difference? They are both tools.

For me there are only be 2 cases were I could live with patents:
1) if R&D costs required are in the billions
2) if it requires such genius that only a single person (or 10, whatever) on this planet could invent it.

2) is not verifiable, so that cannot be a criteria
1) for medicine and such, but I'm sure it would work without patents too. But I would only allow it if they can prove that it really cost billions.

If you have the best product you don't fear the competition. You fear patents. Normally the inferior competition uses patents against the superior newcomer. I wouldn't be sure your product would not be sued by patents you have no idea even exist (and probably are very broad and generic you would never think they could apply to you).

So stop all patents now! Could be better even for your case.

Comment Re:Thoughts about (Score 1) 187

Groklaw never made any prediction whatsoever

See other posts about links to many posts which are about why they think you are wrong. There are many posts dealing with you... E.g.

Also maybe Oracle can win that API copyrightability dispute, but that is because the Judges have no clue (except Alsup) (Cooperations are people and such, yeah right).

That still does not change that you talked about billion dollars, and come on, even if they lose you don't really believe it will be in this order of magnitude finally, are you?

Comment Re:Protection Against Incumbent Players (Score 1) 187

You stand on the shoulder of giants. What if those would have patented their stuff.
Your work would not be possible.
And all algorithms are math. Math is not patentable in the US. At least in theory. All software patents are a perversion of this rule. Only possible because Judges have no idea about math or software.

If all the smart people did patent all ideas no innovation would be possible at all. All the papers you reference in your paper, imagine all those would be patented. You would be f#cked and sued.

Comment OracleVSGoogle: Judge can program, you still for O (Score 4, Interesting) 187

When it was clear that Judge Alsup in Oracle vs Google can program Java, how the *#*# could you still think Oracle would get its huge victory? Do you understand that you look like a shill for such things?

Any commenter that knows about programming said in this very moment that this will become a monumental defeat for Oracle, only you still believed in Oracle (you were very wrong as we know).

It was so funny when the Judge explained that any teenager could program a range check [bool check(val, min, max) {return val >= min && val <= max;}] and the Oracle lawyer looked like a complete idiot.

Submission + - Blender Institute needs 440,000 USD in 14 Days to produce next Open Movie

fxbar writes: The Blender Institute (from the open source 3D modeling app blender) tries to bring together twelve indie studios from all over the world to create the next Open Movie. But only 14 days are left to get 440'000 USD.

The film is about Michel the sheep, who's longing to get an interesting life. It will be a funny, absurdist and adventurous love story, directed by Mathieu Auvray.

For only 224 USD you can be in the movies credits. Others have to work their ass off to get into a movies credits, so if your name is not too offending to anybody this is a done deal ;-)

Of course you can also just buy the movie or donate a little, see here:

(I would prefer if they would improve FBX import/export and game content creation in general, but now let them make their movie first.)

Submission + - Blender Foundation's Sintel video taken down on Youtube for copyright violation ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: As if the automated take downs on Youtube weren't already bad enough, today fans of the popular open source 3D software Blender were greeted by a copyright take down notice for their third open movie, Sintel, despite it being released under a creative commons license: "This video contains content from Sony Pictures Movies & Shows, who has blocked it on copyright grounds." It is believed that the take down was a result of Sony Electronics adding Sintel to their official 4k demo pool.

Comment Qt could have been savior for Nokia and Microsoft (Score 1) 152

The fun part is, that Qt could be the savior for Microsoft, because few developers want to create cool stuff for Windows 8/Phone. With Qt developers could develop for all platforms at once, so even Windows Phone would get the cool Apps.
The joke is in the Apps is a lot of money, with Qt Nokia may could have taken a good part of the cake if they would have thrown the resources at that (and mobile Linux). Developers are lazy, if you can write one App for all platforms with your framework, your framework wins. You control it, you win.

Comment Nokia is ripped off like nobody before got ripped (Score 4, Interesting) 93

Was there any bidding process? I assume not. Just some very shady deal in the interest of Microsoft only (FEDs should check if there are contracts saying Vringo cannot sue Microsoft, that would kind of prove that Elop still only works for Microsoft).

  I think the Nokia shareholders are getting ripped off by CEO Elop and the board, I hope someone sues them soon, before it is too late. Nokia is ripped off like nobody before got ripped off. The following text shows how major decisions by Elop (ex Microsoft) are only in the interest of Microsoft and not at all in the interest of Nokia.

And all those saying Nokia was already dead when Elop came, you are shills or blind, read it too. E.g. start reading the first âoeREASONsâ in the link. They were still twice their competitors when Elop came, alone in China they could have as many customers as Apple has worldwide by a exclusive deal (bound to MeeGo). Distance to Apple was growing at that time. All systematically destroyed in the following months. I don't say they were super fine, but they were still a monster, the elephant in the room. No outside force could move it nearly as fast as Elop has. Now they are an empty shell.

If you have time, read this. It's very long but good (19 reasons why Elop should be fired, you can skip the intro to REASON 1 if you are lazy).

No way the CEO AND the board do not see the logic behind most of these 19 reasons. This is a scam, there must be a huge reward for most of them on some secret channel. Money? Girls? Power?

Anonymous please give us their Email and transform Elops and Balmer's phones into bugs that we can hear what they are talking in private. Jail them all.

Comment Re:Hotmail Challenge (Score 2) 88

I think this once more shows how amateurish software is developed at microsoft**. So I would bet some money that there is a second 0-day flaw that is used which does not require to change the password of the user. I don't believe that this password was brute forced, because even microsoft should (now) be able to prevent brute forcing. Or are they not even able to achieve that? Because his account was new it means that many attempts to brute force would have been done in a short period of time, any reasonable system today prevents that...

**I have a little experience with microsoft because we had to support IE in a project. But how IE handles private keys on smart cards is not secure at all (all sessions stay active even card is removed, which was a absolute no-go in this project). Answer from microsoft after needing weeks (and much communication overhead) to confirm the flaw: it will not be fixed before IE 11.

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