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Comment Advise from a Pro that's been there (Score 2, Insightful) 229

I've done this before. 16 months in se asia. The most important thing is protecting your footage. Using Mac laptops has made the process easy. Apple's ethos is everything Just Works, and nowhere is that more important than on a independent project, where getting a virus, or having windows go on the fritz can bring production to a stand still. There is a reason the industry standardized on the company that can provide an integrated solution from hardware, to OS, to editing suite. We shot almost 150 hours of footage on a dual system: The camera recorded to HDV tapes, plus a FireStore DTE drive simultaneously. We'd mail the master tapes back to the home office, and be able to quickly copy the footage from the FireStore onto our raid (two firewire hd's gaft-taped together setup in a RAID 1) for backup and review (it's important to be able to look back over past footage when you're working over such a long time period). Add in the fact that FireStore lets you log info metadata from a laptop (over bt or 802.11) as footage is being recorded and you have the ability to run a very fast paced but safe and secure production. You may want to also check out Gorilla or EP Scheduling and Budgeting which are Mac/Win only. Good luck!

Comment War is still War (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Rather than wasting huge sums of money on making war more acceptable to the public (by reducing the rate of casualties), we should be spending huge amounts to END war. The day that war becomes a safe occupation for the aggressor is the day that we'll see more of it, and this project is another small step towards that.I am an American, and it scares me to see my country launch unprovoked wars of aggression. The US spends more on the military than the next 4 biggest-spending countries... COMBINED. Anybody that works to make war easier, works toward making more war. These researchers are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder by helping to enable more efficient killing forces. Human being have to stop killing human beings, end of story!

Comment Role Reversal (Score 1) 846

I think I'm going to have to sit my boyfriend down in front of the computer for the same test. Why is it always, "to test the usability of X, we will use the lowest common denometer of computer knowledge- the woman"? I'm sure there are other women lined up to complain about the periodical "Look, I tested usability on my girlfriend" Slashdot story. When my bf or family/friends have computer trouble they call me. All these stories have a thick sexist undercurrent.

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