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Comment Re:They don't want to void the warranty..... (Score 1) 99

We're also the only developed country that relies on for-profit insurance companies for basic medical insurance.

The Netherlands aren't a developed country now? News to me.
We definitely have mandatory health insurance over here. You get to pick your insurance company, but you have to pick one. The companies have to provide certain minimum coverage and can't discriminate based on age or health (but they get compensated by the government for having to take on riskier clients).
The system seems to work quite well AFAICT.

Comment Re:But was it illegal? (Score 1) 716

What do you mean, a lower corporate tax rate in the US? According to Wikipedia, the 35% marginal US corporate tax rate Apple pays is topped by only a handful of countries: Bangladesh, Guyana, Cameroon and Japan. It looks to me like it has the highest corporate tax rate in the western world (not the developed world though, given that Japan was on that list), at least for companies the size of Apple.

Note that I'm not disputing how much (or little, as the case may be) non-US tax they pay.

Comment Re:insure? (Score 1) 486

Any sane person would agree that having access to a trained doctor is SLIGHTLY more important than having access to a trained lawyer.

Depends on your situation, since both legal and medical issues have ranges of severity and they overlap.
Access to a trained lawyer on a death penalty case is probably SLIGHTLY more important than access to a trained doctor to have a look at your sprained ankle.

Of course, I don't have to worry about either since I live in a civilized country that has (a) abolished the death penalty a couple of decades ago (more if you ignore wartime), and (b) a health care system where you're required to get insurance, and insurers are required to provide at least basic coverage to everyone who requests it regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Comment Re:Now what about region locked products ? (Score 1) 159

Granted, it's a pretty big country, but it's sparsely populated. Since the GP was talking about the market, population matters more than area. And the population is about as large as the Dutch-speaking populations of the Netherlands and Belgium combined (actually a bit smaller, according to Wikipedia). That's not even counting the 41% of the Belgian population speaking other languages (natively).
Speaking globally, it probably qualifies as a "smaller market".

Comment Re:Is a blog format possible (Score 1) 79

The original comment was tongue-in-cheek. But most computer date representation systems are prospective from modern zero date.

For example, Unix time was originally coded as elapsed whole seconds since midnight January 01, 1970 and represented time as an UNSIGNED 32-bit integer. Such systems still exist and will roll over on 2038.

Actually, unsigned 32-bit integers won't overflow until about 2106 or so. It's the signed ones that overflow in 2038.

Comment Re:Where was the coercive plea bargain offer? (Score 1) 151

Roses are also commonly referred to as "flowers" around the world (or their local translations). This does not mean a rose is meant whenever the word "flower" is used.
Similarly, simply because the United States are commonly referred to as America does not mean every mention of America refers to them. As my links above show, it's a word with multiple meanings.

Comment Re:Where was the coercive plea bargain offer? (Score 1) 151

America is winning a worldwide race to the bottom.

This happened in Canada, dumbass.

America has many problems, including the fact that many of its citizens believe it to be the center of the Universe—if not the entirety of it.

Canada lies in (North-)America, dumbass.

The United States of America have many problems, including the fact that many of its citizens believe it to be the center of America—if not the entirety of it.

Note the first link on that Wikipedia page.

Of course, there are also a more authorative sources

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