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Submission + - SPAM: Elsevier Selected as New Publisher of The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiat

toddxzcmfi writes: Elsevier Selected as New Publisher of The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announces that it has entered into an agreement with the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) to publish The American Journal of ... See all stories on this topic VMware Advances VMware View(TM) and End-User Computing Solutions for the Post ... A Tech Preview(3) of VMware View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) will leverage the native cloning abilities in the storage array to offload storage operations to improve provisioning speeds. In addition, VMware View Persona Management will extend to ... See all stories on this topic The Junk Drawer Wanted: SWF With Tech Support Skills WANTED: SWF with tech support skills. Must be able to disinfect viruses, keep all software up-to-date, troubleshoot problems big and small, install all new ... [spam URL stripped]... Students to demonstrate smart camera trap at new engineering competition University of California , San Diego sophomore Riley Yeakle and his teammates have come up with a better camera trap, and they will be facing off with finalists from around the country when they unveil working prototypes of their visions for embedded ... See all stories on this topic
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Submission + - Vimeo bocked in India (

An anonymous reader writes: The Indian Department of Telecom has blocked the video site Vimeo. The site still works on a few ISP providers and mobile networks. It is still unclear on why the site was blocked. Recently there have been a lot of incidents with censorship in India. Vidoes with nefarious comments against political leaders have increasingly been taken down. More recently, the Indian minister of Science and Technology had asked Youtube, MSN, Yahoo and Google to censor all information that may be hate, illegal or hurts the sentiments of others.

Submission + - Wind Power Without the Blades ( 1

Warmlight writes: "Noise from wind turbine blades, inadvertent bat and bird kills and even the way wind turbines look have made installing them anything but a breeze. New York design firm Atelier DNA has an alternative concept that ditches blades in favor of stalks. Resembling thin cattails, the Windstalks generate electricity when the wind sets them waving. The designers came up with the idea for the planned city Masdar, a 2.3-square-mile, automobile-free area being built outside of Abu Dhabi. Atelier DNA’s "Windstalk"project came in second in the Land Art Generator competition a contest sponsored by Madsar to identify the best work of art that generates renewable energy from a pool of international submissions."

Submission + - SPAM: Why All Our Games Are Now Cheaper Forever

spidweb writes: "A small Indie game developer writes about deciding to submit to price pressure and lower of the cost of his many titles. The article discusses the many factors that go into pricing a game and gives advice on how you should price your game/product/app in the various markets where it appears. From the article, "There are two sorts of prices you can pay for a game: An amount that is so small you don't care, and an amount high enough that you do. Our newest game is $20 on our site and $10 on Steam. That's a big difference, but, in a very real sense, they have the same price: an amount of money that actually feels like spending money.""
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First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - id Software release Rage ( 2

RogueyWon writes: "After several years of development time, legendary developer id Software have released (in the US at least) Rage, their first internally developed full-sized game since 2004's Doom 3. Powered by the new id Tech 5 engine, the game has received mostly good reviews so far. A glance at the game's Steam forum reveals many PC players complaining of graphical issues and a lack of customisation options, but it's hard to judge whether this is worse than the norm for a major release. The game is scheduled for release in Europe and Australia towards the end of the week."

Submission + - Google Highlights Trouble in Detecting Malware (

JohnBert writes: "Google issued a new study on Wednesday detailing how it is becoming more difficult to identify malicious websites and attacks, with antivirus software proving to be an ineffective defense against new ones.

The company's engineers analyzed four years worth of data comprising 8 million websites and 160 million web pages from its Safe Browsing service, which is an API (application programming interface) that feeds data into Google's Chrome browser and Firefox and warns users when they hit a website loaded with malware.

Google said it displays 3 million warnings of unsafe websites to 400 million users a day. The company scans the Web, using several methods to figure out if a site is malicious."


Submission + - HP to strengthen business software ( 1

griessh writes: After dropping out of the tablet market, HP decided to strengthen their software business branch. Last night they announced to buy UK Cambridge-based enterprise software company Autonomy for $10.24bn.

Submission + - The 12 Biggest PC Duds Ever

adeelarshad82 writes: We're all familiar with the most successful personal computers—the IBM PC, the Apple Macintosh, the Commodore 64—but what about the other side of the coin? In the 30 years since the IBM PC was introduced there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of models that arrived with great fanfare only to tank at the marketplace. These are the redundant, the shameful, the stupid. These are the duds.

Submission + - Book piracy: Less DRM, more data (

macslocum writes: Ambiguity surrounds the real impact of digital book piracy, notes Brian O'Leary in an interview with O'Reilly Radar, but all would be better served if more data was shared and less effort was exerted on futile DRM.

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