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Comment Could be a good idea (Score 1) 68

IRC and NNTP has a slighty different purpose, IMHO.
IRC sort of requires online presence when stuff happens, and discussions usually are pretty sequential.
NNTP could fork of a discussion into different threads.

Slack is, as you know, basically an IRC overlay with better integration for mobiles and other platforms. We use it at work and it's pretty ok.
I would love NNTP at work, but not for replacing Slack. I would like it to replace Yammer. Yammer so incredibly inefficient at searching for information.
So doing the same for NNTP as Slack did for IRC could actually be a good idea. Slick interface for mobile and web and rebranded.

Comment Re:Lovely (Score 3, Interesting) 87

As long as passwords are encrypted and decrypted on the client it's not really that much of a risk.

I think the benefit of having different complex passwords for every web/system with easy access from all devices is worth it. At least I havent managed to set up a better system for myself... yet.

MFA and a strong master password is pretty good for protecting your passwords.

Comment Re: Marketing (Score 1) 113

I didn't say marketing was anything "signed off by a manager". I said Microsoft employees can't release information about products in development without getting approval from a manager. Do you think this is odd? It's actually not specific to Microsoft. It's pretty much any product in development in any corporation.

Releasing information about new products and products in development is the responsibility of the marketing department. They usually have a plan, and everything that is released is usually planned and with a purpose. They don't wait until everything is ready and then just create a TV commercial. Marketing is much more than that.

Comment Off topic about the Ad (Score 5, Informative) 113

Could the intern who taped/stapled/glued the Ad on the top of slashdot (Classic view) please be given time to learn Javascript/css?

Looks likes something from early dot-com. It makes the page behave oddly and annoyingly (on all my devices, but more so on iphone).

Comment Marketing (Score 2) 113

I get that this is marketing, and it sounds better with 3.0 than a 2.0 version.

But come on... it's not like they made a 2.0 already. They are experimenting, that is what 1.xx is for. Next release should be 2.0, IMHO.

Anyway. Not uncommon, and there are a few other issues with higher priorities on earth today :)

Comment They forgot... (Score 5, Insightful) 212

I got the mid 2015 15" pro and I'm hoping it will last years. I've had Lenovo, HP and Dell through work and they are fine. The Macbook Pro on the other hand is really really nice to work with. Trackpad is just superb and Magsafe should be standard on all laptops (IMHO).
The only thing I would like different is more RAM (I use several VMs).

So when the new model arrived I was sure I would be a bit anoyed about the increased ram size and other new features that I would miss, but no.
I'm actually happy I got the previous model. It's so much better for my use.
I wouldn't even consider the new model. Who the f..k buys a pro laptop without any USB A ports? How isolated are you? Dongles? I hate dongles. I'm not spending that much money to carry around a bunch of dongles.

If Apple wants their Pro line to be used by bloggers then ok. They lost their way.

Comment The main problem (Score 3, Insightful) 273

The real issue here is the wide spread usage of Facebook as a news distributor. Media houses should let Facebook handle selfies and chat between friends, not the what and who of distributing news.

Facebook can censor, suppress or hype any news story using "algorithms" that nobody outside of the company can inspect.

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