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Comment Re:total bullshit? (Score 1) 344

No, but when you speak with a press that can't understand simple things, would you expect her to explain how encryption and security work? Didn't she live with a highly placed government official? Is it unreasonable to expect that personalized security as provided to a POTUS might be better than government provided security? Of course her talking points with the press are complete and total bullshit. That's how it works. You give them amusing anecdotes, and they put you on TV. This helps couch potatoes from Ann Arbor to Anaheim decide if they like your taste in clothes, or the really smart ones to see if they think you have a sense of humor or a decent stylist.

Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 1) 474

In other words most tech workers are whiny bitches.

Most workers are whiny bitches, and most jobs are legitimately the suck. There isn't anything wrong with hating your job. People have been hating their jobs for as long as there has been employment. It's not as great as when you have a job you love, but not a lot of people have those jobs. Most of the people who think they have those jobs are not that self-aware.

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 842

Get involved in answering a classic question, like "Will money buy happiness?" Your anecdotal evidence suggests not, and I have been content to accept it on face value for most of my life, but I would feel better if we could prove it. To that end, I will offer myself up as a test subject. tart giving me money, and as soon as I am happy I will let you know.

Comment Re: Maybe... (Score 1) 334

In this country, it involves elections and policy and more elections and lobbying and some more elections and discussions with elected officials and more elections and an electorate getting involved and expressing itself and that means learning what is going on which involves being capable of comprehending it and it is simply easier for most people here to make the compromise of sticking their head in the sand and pretending everything is fine because they have not been hauled off to Gitmo or rendered to Bosnia for enhanced interrogation. But the revolution or war you allude to is also popular with some people, mostly right wing congress people.

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