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Comment Re: AT&T (Score 1) 206

Travel much? Unless you're traveling to some FAR rural area in the U.S. you want T-Mobile. The international access you get as part of your account is simply amazing. I've been in a dozen countries across Europe, Asia, and Central and South America over the last 18 months and have had free data and text as soon as my plane touched down in each country. Coworkers on Verizon and AT&T are stuck buying expensive supplementary data plans.

Comment Re:Another way to avoid supplying proper offices (Score 4, Informative) 177

It's been studied, several times over. Here's one you can use for reference. The summary is that in offices where employees have privacy and personal space, productivity is much higher.

Comment Re: Last week, more than two dozen of us missed... (Score 1) 382

Note the "Can be". It's a clickbait article. Seatac is only horrible around holiday and vacation days. At Seatac it also depends on which line. Go through security in the Central or North checkpoints where the Delta/Alaska flights are and lines are longer than the South checkpoint. Regardless, most days the lines are no longer than 30 minutes max. Last week when I went through they were maybe 10 minutes in the late afternoon. Current wait times right now at 7:30 AM are 0-30 minutes depending on gate. I fly out of Seatac a dozen times a year before i did Pre-Check rarely ever waited more than 20-30 min, never more than an hour.

Comment Re:Not my anecdotal experience (Score 1) 258

There's more to reliability than failure rates. Enterprise drives have stronger magnets, more robust error detection, better vibration dampening, consumer drives do not support TLER, making them useless in anything other than the massive JBOD environments you mentioned.

Comment Not my anecdotal experience (Score 5, Interesting) 258

Just a few things I thought of while looking at this study:

The authors are using Backblaze data. Backblaze uses consumer grade SATA disk which isn't going to be as reliable as the Enterprise SATA/SAS disk we would use.

I'm willing to bet that none of the authors of this paper have ever had to pay for colocated rack space, power, and cooling either, they've just doubled the RU that I need for storage. At $1500.00 - $2000.00 per rack that adds up.

Doubling the rack space for storage I need so I can avoid a few service calls by my storage vendor over 5 years simply isn't efficient.

We've installed close to 500TB of archival storage using commodity hardware and 2-3TB Nearline SAS. We have maybe 3 hand and eyes calls per year for disk replacement.

Anyway - just rambling.

Comment Why would I buy your product? (Score 2) 145

Your product offers no benefit in calorie intake compared to regular mayo and none of the nutritional benefits of mayo made with eggs. Eggs are one of the most nutritionally sound food items I can buy. As a component in other foods, they're low calorie, high protein, and chock full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids addition. Just Mayo is also more expensive than real mayo. So tell me, why should I buy your product?

Comment Re:Send it back.... (Score 1) 221 []

I beg to differ, you have to go for high end pro, not low end consumer.

Those TV's are meant for public display and don't have the calibration controls necessary for a consumer display. At $2800.00 I would expect at least 10pt RGB&Greyscale adjustment.

Comment None of them (Score 3, Insightful) 129

There really aren't any sites that do reviews of Enterprise class hardware. At best you'll find reviews of SMB hardware like what StorageReview does, but that's really about it. The other problem is the reliance on synthetic benchmarks. We've run into a few cases where hardware has performed as expected while doing test runs, but then found bugs and issues when put in a POC lab environment.

Comment Re:in sue happy america (Score 1) 519 "Can pet manure be sterilized chemically to make it safe? There are chemical sterilants such as methyl bromide and others that could be used, but the cost and bother is probably not worth the value of the manure. Also, the average homeowner probably is not equipped to handle chemical sterilants. CONCLUSIONS The health hazards associated with cat and dog manure are greater than the potential benefit from its fertilizer value. Cat and dog manure should be disposed of by flushing down the toilet, burying deep in the soil (six inches or more) or by placement in tight plastic bags for garbage collection. "

Comment Re:in sue happy america (Score 1) 519

I live about 25 miles from there, we have the same laws in my town. I'm glad, I'm got tired of cleaning the cat shit out of my garden that was left by my neighbors cat. A call to the city got a letter sent to the neighbor. Kitty stays indoors now and my garden is cat shit free.

Here's some cat laws from MA:

Leash and free roaming laws around the country:

FWIW, I have a cat. She's perfectly happy to live indoors where she belongs.

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