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Comment Re:The Best of Our Government (Score 1) 457

Yes, it's not a tyranny in the sense that we are dragging the minority into the streets and beating them although it is possible within the system. Hopefully our social mores won't allow for such egregious examples but the tyranny is more subtle. Fore example, want to home brew on your Xbox or PS3? Nope, the majority (of Congress) has decided that you can't open up a device you own. Think abortion is killing a child? The majority doesn't think so and will continue to do so.

The term was meant to convey that there exists the chance (and it seems more so in the present) of 49.99999999% of the population being unhappy, unrepresented or even considering the outcome completely vile. In a voting age population of 193,376,975 that means that there is a potential of 95 million subject to the decision of the other 96 million. The tyranny is that there was no compromise.

Comment Re:This guy ever been beaten up before? (Score 1) 566

That is the same thing and I would expect them to

1. Ask you nicely to leave
2. When you still refuse, open the car door and put you in the back of the patrol car
3. If they can't open the door, put your car on a tow truck and remove you and the car.

This is a bit different than asking you to leave and than pepper spraying you and sticking a banana in your tailpipe.

We've forgotten that they are supposed to be PEACE officers.

Comment Re:Missing the point. (Score 1) 297

On top of that, you will also make contacts. This is something I didn't realize after getting out of the school most probably never heard from. You may very well be going to the school with the guy that will be recruited to Google or IBM. I went to school with the guy that was hired to the local code monkey factory.

Who you rub elbows with makes a big difference.

Comment Inevitable (Score 3, Interesting) 228

Now that more and more of us are finding ways to cut out the commercials, they have to be hidden in the content.
As others have said, I don't mind if they are done "right" (and there is a fine line of course). My main concern is that this will go the same way cable TV did.
First, they rationalize that they need this because there are fewer and fewer eyeballs hitting the commercials.
Next, they will find a way to enforce the 10 minutes of commercials per 1/2 hour of programming.
Finally, PROFIT!
We'll finally achieve life as depicted in the Demolition Man (was that parody or just really good product placement?)

Comment Re:Very very old news (Score 1) 199

If I remember correctly, he is able to run the same speed with less energy expended. I'd call that an unfair advantage.
    I don't mind him competing though, there are physical limitations to how fast a human can run, swim, etc. and I don't think the human body evolves fast enough to make things interesting. I just don't want mediocre athletes making this an elective surgery in an attempt to become great.

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