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Comment Re:Racist cops..... (Score 1) 330

Clearly you've never lived in a third world country like South Africa, where whites are in the minority. Trying to start up any sort of organisation like this for white people still elicits howls of outrage from the 'previously downtrodden'. Tho when they started up a "Black Journalists' Forum", and gleefully evicted white journalists who tried to attend the opening ceremoney (to report on it), no one said a word. How would this any different?

Please bear in mind that eventually whites will be the minority in the USA, and this kind of thing will suddenly matter a lot more than most people think.

Comment Re:pirate repellents (Score 1) 830

The attitude that everyone in the third world resents everyone in the first world and is willing to set aside their morals to attain material wealth is ignorant and potentially racist.
Agreed, but I disagree on one point: It's maybe potentially classist, but not potentially racist. You get rich black/yellow/green/sky-blue-pink people in non-third-world countries too. These days a lot of people are too peecee and are ready to play the race card too quickly; usually due to the misconception that all whites=haves and all blacks=have-nots.

Comment Re:gross (Score 1) 384

It was probably milk. The Masaai (and I believe some other tribes) in Africa often mix and drink a mixture of blood and milk when they are low on other food sources. I've been told it can induce lockjaw (not sure how true this is tho). In Africa, cows are (among other things) used as indications of wealth as well as a food source. They have huge herds which completely destroy large tracts of land through overgrazing.

Comment Re:it's easier than you think: (Score 1) 529

Sounds exactly like a guy I work with. He's a prima donna too. Persistently reinvents the wheel (he's one of those "my wheel is rounder than yours" types) and implements these convoluted solutions to problems that he can't really explain it, or find time to explain it. My philosophy is that if you can't explain it to me, in layman's terms in under 3 minutes (you're allowed a whiteboard), then you can't explain it to a computer. Unfortunately the directors don't see it that way (he's an arse-licker of note) so he gets to implement these horrific solutions which are so much more complicated than they need to be (he prefers to code "impressive looking" over "functional") and which will be completely impossible to maintain. One thing he has taught us all though tho, is how to be a complete self-aggrandizing tosser. He's so toxic that the coders around him are starting to resign, he's impossible to work with.

I take comfort from the fact that I did warn them that this was the kind of guy that he was when he first started, and they didn't listen. The company has turned from being a happy "family" to one where everyone is covering their asses, stealing credit and stabbing each other in the back, just to maintain their positions. I'm leaving too.

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