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Submission + - Doctors Invest in eLearning (

furby076 writes: Doctors at Jefferson are investing in blended learning by utilizing flipped classroom technology. This is an incredibly important part of education as it will improve the knowledge gained and retained. Educational medicine is antiquated with updates coming slow and only through the effort of young doctors. While few, there are some professors who embrace technology and want to improve the quality of doctors — you know those kind folk who give us drugs. Read here

Submission + - 86% of Win7 PCs Maxing Out Memory - Debunked (

furby076 writes: Some of you may remember the story posted yesterday stating that 86% of Win7 PCs are maxing out their memory. In this article Behind the Windows 7 memory usage scaremongering posted at Ars Technica we read that it just may not be so. There is the saying "Lies, damned Lies, and statistics" — well it sounds like we ran into another example. You read, you decide.

Submission + - Win7/Vista/XP in Europe Allows Browser Options (

furby076 writes: Ars Technia writes about Microsoft attempting to avoid EU fines by pre-empting changes which seem to initially make the EU commission happy by allowing Win7, Vista and XP users to choose a different browser to install utilizing a "browser ballot" screen. In addition to this Windows 7 users will be able to fully disable Internet Explorer utilizing. Going one step further Microsoft promises their Windows update online services will be compatible with non-IE browsers for Windows Vista/7 users. The new balloting system will display the top ten browsers (only one per vendor).

Submission + - AntiTrust Target: Google (

furby076 writes: Chris Anderson at CNN writes an article about Google possibly being the US governments next target with regards to anti-trust laws. The person leading this offensive is Christine Varney who is responsible for anti-trust cases in President Obama's administration. Christine is concerned that Google has obtained a little too much clout and can influence what information is presented to the consumer — essentially pushing their agenda. Google's response, in the past few weeks, has been "emphasizing how easy it is for consumers to switch to other search engines and how small it is compared to other companies that have been in a similar position in the past, such as Microsoft, AT&T and IBM."

Submission + - What if Napster Worked with the Music Industry (

furby076 writes: "Ars Technica has an interesting article about a what-if scenario. Something akin to an alternate universe straight from a comic book, the head of the UK musc trade group, BPI, discusses the mistakes the major labels made by not teaming up with Napster. According to the article this mind-set is not new and other RIAA executives are thinking about the subject and what could have happened if they embraced peer-to-peer a decade ago."

Submission + - Cooking Food In A Cardboard Box (

furby076 writes: While some people are trying to solve important issues like cancer, war, & food shortages using complex and very expensive technologies Jon Bohmer has designed an oven using nothing more then two card-board boxes, some paint, tin-foil, and plexi-glass. Total cost $5. This new device is geared for third-world nations to help people cook food and has the benefit of saving trees from being cut down.

Submission + - Convert organic trash to fertilizer, & fuel ( 1

furby076 writes: Utilizing very old concepts, we're talking hundreds of years old, a company has developed a way convert biomass into fertilizer pellots, electricity, gasoline, and some pharmaceutical products. According to CNN the company, Eprida, says this technology is here and ready to be used. Maybe it's time to recycle our poop?

Submission + - Conficker.c worm Activated Today (

furby076 writes: Conficker.c worm has activated today but so far there have been no reports of mishap, according to CNN. This doesn't mean you should let your guard down. An easy way to check if your computer is protected against Conficker.c is to make sure your Windows box has been updated since October 2008. Also make sure your favorite anti-virus program is up-to-date.

Submission + - Sony to charge $ for PS3 demo content (

furby076 writes: Ars Technica writes that according to a leaked memo, which MTV Multiplayer was kind enough to release, Sony is going to charge game developers a fee for demo's downloaded from the PlatStation Store. This new cost structure will be 16 cents per 1 GB (duration depending on paid/free content) How will this affect game developer companies? They will probably release fewer demo's and probably no free content.

Submission + - Microsoft Offers Bounty on Hackers Heads (

furby076 writes: It's not the first time this has been done, but Microsoft is offering a whopping $250,000 bounty for those who turn in the hackers who created the Conficker or Downadup virus. To get this prize money the hackers need to be arrested and convicted. You can read more about this article at CNN . So two questions: Would you turn in a friend for $250,000, and if you are a hacker — do you really trust your friends not to turn you in?

Submission + - GOP Releases Wasteful Stimulus Spending (

furby076 writes: Monday, February 2, 2009 the House GOP released a list of the spending, from the Senate, they believe is a waste. While some we can agree with, $246 million tax break for Hollywood producers to buy motion picture film, they include items like $400 million for the CDC to screen/prevent STDs, $1.4 billion for waste disposal, $200 million for public computers in community colleges, $500 million for state/local fire stations and more as wasteful spending. I guess we don't need to take out the trash, screen/prevent diseases, allow the poor to get onto the Internet, and help fire stations do their jobs.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Do you let others use your computer?

furby076 writes: "Invariably someone is going to come up to you and ask, "Can I use your computer". This get's even more tricky if said someone is a significant other, a parent, or an older sibling that can beat you up. So you acquiece and allow the person to use your computer — most likely giving them a guest profile so they cannot install software onto your computer. You then realize, three months down the road, that your computer is not working properly and you have to reformat it. You know why your computer is now broken — your loved one. How do you deal with this situation? How do you gently tell your loved one that they cannot use your computer? If they did use it, and break it, how do you inform them that it is there fault? Yes this did happen to me, and yes my girlfriend started to cry when I informed her the computer is broken because of her."

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