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Submission + - Find places to meet with (

fupeg writes: "Ever needed to meet your friends, who live 30 miles away, and you weren't sure what would be a good place that would be convenient for both of you? Or maybe you make a date online with somebody who lives 15 miles away and need to find a neutral place? Or how about a business meeting with a prospective new client from the next town/city/suburb over? You'll want to check out the cool mashup halfmeet."

Comment Alternate Theory (Score 1) 428

I like how people were more easily able to distinguish between 128kbps and 256 kbps AAC files using Apple ear buds than the Shure ear buds. This forced the writers to come up with an excuse for this anomaly by claiming that the Apple ear buds' inability to produce high frequencies masked the sounds that would make it easy to hear the difference between the 128 kbps and 256 kbps tracks. They were so embarrassed by this result they had to add superfluous comments like how one listeners was amazed to hear a wood block sound in a song when listening to the Shures and how the Shures will allow you to lower the volume and thus save you from hearing loss. How about an alternate, perhaps more straightforward explanation: the sound quality of the Apple ear buds is better than the sound quality of the Shure ear buds? I know that may seem ridiculous, but maybe it's not. Maybe it's really hard to produce great sound out of ear buds, making ear bud quality a crap shoot.

IT and Divorce? 943

frank_tudor asks: "I am graduate student and work as a web developer. I am also getting a divorce and I have a son caught in the middle. I believe my profession had a part in it. For my graduate thesis I am writing a paper about Dads who work in the computer industry, divorce and custody. I think our industry causes a high rate of divorce but I need some help from the Slashdot community. My questions are: How many of you computer Dads have also gone through divorce and have retained either half or full custody of your children? Do you think your job had something to do with it? What were some of your hardest challenges and are your kids happy?"

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