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Comment Re:We need gas control! (Score 0) 1591

They took them from the Jews though.

On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, passed Regulations Against Jews' Possession of Weapons. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other weapons.

Comment Re:I see (Score 0) 646

You guys don't seem to get it here. The normal users don't care. Those just migrating for the first time don't care. They either weren't doing "intensive" tasks in the first place, so there's no learning curve involved beyond what they would experince on any GUI if they decide to do intensive things later. For those that will be moving for the first time, they expect something different.

When it comes to this Amazon business, this is something normal users are totally accustomed to, and many may actually enjoy. The "mass migrations" you guys keep talking about are those who should probably be using mint, or straight debian in the first place. You don't, won't, or can't understand that the work that goes into Ubuntu costs money that can only be recouped in the space it has some clout, and wiggle room, in. Enterprise may already have a support contract, but Ubuntu's presence there isn't enough to start re-negotiating contract terms. Ubuntu can only make moves on the consumer space to really start influencing income and enterprise. Look at the influx of enterprise support of Apple/Android products. This has been due their success in the consumer market causing them to make strides into enterprise. Microsoft is so deeply entrenched in enterprise that going straight for it on its grounds would be a terrible idea.

Comment Re:Slashdot effect or crappy game? (Score 1) 121


Submission + - How apple took advantage of a broken patent system (

Cutting_Crew writes: " Information Week has an interesting article about how Apple has taken advantage of a broken patent system that has not kept up with technology.

Design patents seems to have come from a case involving silverware in 1891. "Design patents are generally agreed to be more subjective. They're good for 14 years, and spring from an 1891 court case that found one silverware manufacturer had copied the pattern of another. If the "ordinary observer" can detect "substantial similarity" in one silverware pattern versus another, the original's design has been infringed, ruled the Supreme Court. And that's still the standard used in a design patent case involving two sophisticated, multi-layered electronic devices today."

Has Apple gotten too close to the patent office or does the patent office lack the kind of expertise in the ever evolving technology field to decide in an unbiased fashion to grant a patent or not?

"Until now, design patents have tended to play a much smaller role in computing and consumer electronics. For example, of the 6,242 patent examiners in the U.S. Patent Office, 99 of them are design examiners. The rest are utility patent examiners.""

Submission + - Battlestar Galactica Community Mod "Diaspora" Has Arrived ( 1

funtapaz writes: Diaspora: Shattered Armistice, the Battlestar Galactica mod for FreeSpace Open has arrived! This cross-platform (Windows,Linux,Mac) release includes the ability to fly the MK VII Viper, the Raptor (or the new MK VIIe strike variant), multiplayer, an included mission editor, an original soundtrack, and full voice acting.

Comment Re:Comcast's memo in reaction (Score -1) 272

If you want your internet provider to like your choice of media subscription then go find one that specifically is. If not, go ahead and get Comcast.

Surely you're joking. Most places are very lucky to have a choice between two ISPs (that are essentially the same company). Satellite does not count, caps prevent streaming.

Comment Dirty Bomb (Score -1) 202

If one of these gets shot down, or crashes, over hostile territory, would it be considered an attack on that nation's populace? I'm sure there probably wouldn't be much immediate damage, but surely it would cause long-term health concerns. Of course I don't know much about reactor designs, maybe they have one that's not very harmful.

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