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Comment Re:OLED replaces CRT nicely (Score 1) 184

Sure, but who cares when it's a technology that costs almost nothing to manufacture?
And a couple of years is way more than expected for an OLED.
These "durability issues" aren't going away, we just need to decide what quality LEDs we want to pay for.
I think most people will choose a low price over a 10 year longevity.
Colour calibration will be an issue, but an uncalibrated OLED is still better than LCD.

Comment OLED replaces CRT nicely (Score 2) 184

Forget LCD, last time I built a MAME-box it took me weeks of running around different electronics store showrooms to find that one IPS-display that happened to have good enough contrast and colour to replace an arcade-CRT.
Also, when I inquired about the price, it cost like 3x as much as other similarly spec:ed displays.
In the end, the colours were reasonable, but the viewing angles are still very much lacking.

OLED has the best colours and contrast of any past or current display technology. That's what I'd hold out for when I get fed up of the blurryness and bad contrast of LCDs and want to upgrade my cabs.

Comment C is for mission critical software (Score 1) 286

C is for mission critical software. Most other compilers, even C++, are too big to be verified properly.
The demand for things that don't randomly crash has gone down, we take bugs for granted now, therefore C naturally loses popularity in favour of languages that don't take coding so seriously.

Comment Funny how so many fell for this.. (Score 1) 488

It's an obvious attempt at disinformation.
Snowden answers a simple question that everyone semi-skilled in IT knows, how long deduplication takes.
This gets blown up to the retarded conclusion that 650k emails were duplicates. In the process trying to drag Snowdens and Wikileaks reputation through the mud.

This is quite obviously the state propaganda-machine ar work.

Comment Re: A wild noscript purist appears (Score 1) 171

I really don't care what you do, I prefer a Web without all that shit, unless you implement it properly ie. create a suitable standard, and implement it natively if you really have to.
The current spaghetti of dynamic nonsense has lead us to every single bad design decision ever made in software development being made mandatory on every pc.

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