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Comment Tax it (Score 1) 274

Make all management distributions a taxable. Or better ... make all management distributions above a % of education payouts at a taxed penalty. Then the donors will want more accountability since some money is going to the government instead of fund managers.

Comment Re:400 years for one murder (Score 2) 51

Because a life sentence (and other sentences) doesn't mean it will happen for that whole period of time. You can be eligible for parole before the time is up. By having multiple sentences or ridiculous amounts of time, it raises the bar high enough to prevent some people from EVER getting out.

Comment Ego Stroking (Score 1) 147

This does nothing except provide a tax write off and stroke the giver ego.

Do real scientist do this for the money and the prizes? No.

Providing a wad of cash provides no extra incentive.

If the real goal is to change the overall culture of enourgaging science - its still misguided.

Why not take that $$ and use it for more grant proposals and set fund science VC style and get more incubators?

Comment easy : Allow it for the private citizens (Score 1) 319

Allow licenses for trips into space for private citizens via private corporations. Those who can afford it would fund the cost to get it done. In the quest to standardize and get more travelers, the cost would go down. Possibly low enough to be cost effective that NASA would then transition to the best provider.


New Google Favicon Deja Vu All Over Again? 227

theodp writes "Last June, Google rolled out a new favicon, the small branding icon that graces your URL bar when you visit Google. Which, as it turned out, bore a striking similarity to Garth Brooks' Circle-G logo. Well, Google went back to the drawing board and has come back with a new favicon, which it says was inspired by — not copied from, mind you — its users' submitted ideas. Some are also seeing inspiration elsewhere for the new favicon, which consists of white 'g' on a background of four color swatches. Take the AVG antivirus icon, for instance. Or everybody's favorite memory toy, Simon. Or — in perhaps the unkindest cut of all — the four-color Microsoft Windows logo, shown here with a superimposed white '7'. Anything else come to mind?" What comes to mind for me is just how obsessed many people are with the Google favicon.

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