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Comment Re:It actually is a trillion dollars (Score 1) 105

If you're running AV then the fraction of expense committed to defense has to be at least 50% of your desktop IT spend because that's how much of a PC's capacity modern AV takes - even though it doesn't work.

Modern? If your antivirus software uses 50% of your PC's system resources, then I'm going out on a limb to guess that either your antivirus software or your PC (or both) are not exactly modern.

Comment Re:why are snowflakes symmetric? (Score 1) 79

TFA mentions that a "classic" snowflake only occurs about once every 1000 flakes. Here in the Rockies, I have observed that many snowstorms produce no noticeable "classic" snowflakes, while in other snowstorms, nearly every flake that falls is a "classic" snowflake.

Can you, Mr. Cloud Physicist, enlighten us on this?

Comment Re:for the seventh time since 1993 (Score 1) 330

...there's really no way to go forward and get what we want without either a lot of North or South Korean blood on our hands. We could stop sending food aid to increase pressure, but the innocent people in NK will starve.

I don't think there's any blood on our hands if we stop feeding them. We can't own their crap. That belongs squarely on them.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

Um, actually, by most accounts he IS a pedophile. RTFS. He expressed physical intimacy to the victim family's 4-year-old son. They called the cops on his pedo ass, and his continued acts were in retaliation.

I assure you it is far, far from normal for a grown man to go around planting smooches on 4-year-old boys.

Comment Re:Are we assuming (Score 1) 492

That Miss USA isn't a geek just because she is a girl, or is it because she is attractive?

I haven't met her myself, but isn't it actually quite possible that she is a history geek?

If she was Miss America, THEN it would be safe to assume. Miss USA? Naaaah.

Comment Controllers look VERY pricey (Score 1) 330

I can't believe nobody has mentioned this yet. What the heck happens when one of your [kids, douchey semi-friends, drunken evil twins, etc.] drops and breaks one of these controllers?

If you ask me, these controllers look like a VERY bad idea, if only for this reason. I'd imagine the controllers alone are going to be $100 a pop. I don't think I'll be buying this, if only to prevent assault charges on myself when I rage after one inevitably gets broken by somebody being careless.

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