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Comment Today's writing is not like 70s writing (Score 1) 278

Writing styles have changed dramatically over time. Just as the 70s stuff was very different from the 30s/40s stuff, the 80s/90s and now the 00s/10s also feel very differently.

Most current scifi is much more character driven, and pays more attention to the second order effects of plot actions than the stuff you are thinking about.

Comment Vaccines aren't for your kid (Score 1) 1271

If your kid is healthy, you may think "Why should I vaccinate?"

The reality is, kids today come into contact with other kids who may not be so healthy. By not vaccinating your healthy kid, they can become a carrier for something that is far more damaging to the immunodeficient kid in their pre-school class.

Comment Material components (Score 1) 351

My concern would be that getting the materials to build enough lasers to outfit all cars would require being at the mercy of Chinese export controls. Like rare earth magnets, we're looking at a future where the materials are only being generated from a country that may decide they need to keep them for their own production.

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