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Comment Re:Canadians need to push back... HARDER (Score 1) 211

I don't mind the blank media tax actually. A lot of my CDs and stuff do get pirated music put on them (as well as movies and other stuff) if anything should happen with that it should be that the tax money gets split up and not just given to the music people. I am actually FOR the proposed tax on iPods and other PMPs because it lets me keep making backups and downloading things legally AND the people who make it (or at least their corporate masters) get payed. That last point is actually what irks me. The tax money should go directly to the bank accounts of the creators of content (however minuscule it is).

Comment Re:Nuclear Power on the Moon FTW! (Score 2, Insightful) 424

Nuclear fuel != Weapon grade nuclear fuel. You cannont build a bomb with the stuff you put in a nuclear power plant. Why did the Russians have to fuck everything up for the entire world. Couldn't they have just build a radiation shield, written some rules. We would be going to pluto and back in a year with something like ORION launched from orbit by now except for the fact that saying 'nuclear' makes people crap their pants and hippies whip out the protest signs.

Submission + - Company claims cheap sustainable fusion. (

fumblebee writes: A Canadian start-up in Vancouver has improved on a 1980's method that the US military worked on. The method uses pnematic pistons to compress a rapidly spinning lead-lithium liquid that creates an acoustic shockwave that compresses injected plasma at the centre hopefully setting off a fusion reaction. The best thing? They claim to be able to do it within four years of starting a prototype and for less than 1 billion US.

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