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Comment iPhone Upgrade (Score 1) 771

I upgraded to a new iPhone 6S earlier this year, rather than wait for the next model, as I didn't want to be without the headphone jack. At least I'll have a phone with one for another 2 years before I'm forced to change... I don't need a thinner phone - I need one with longer battery life.

Comment Total Cost (Score 1) 482

I'm sure the venues will LOVE the extra cost of buying all these bags and all the extra work for their staff to lock/unlock them. Everyone has a phone now, so the larger the crowd, the longer this takes and more expensive. It takes long enough to get out of the parking lot of these larger venues, so getting in and out taking twice as long isn't going to work out so well... They've gotta pay their staff to work longer for this extra work as well.

Comment Live Concert Videos (Score 1) 178

I've posted a few songs from live concerts that I recorded on my cell phone (crappy sound and all) and gotten copyright violation notices and warned that my account could be suspended. I've tried to fight it, but no luck. Why can't I do that, but other people post concert videos and even full albums, full music DVD rips, etc. and they don't get taken down? I was just offering the chance for someone else at the show to re-live the moment - and certainly not getting anything out of it. Very frustrating...

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