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Comment Think private, not public plz! (Score 1) 154

Don't even try it. We need local solutions that scale ''left'' down to some kind of district/relational size. In other words it IS all about who we are, plus where we want to grow as people and think long-term and quality of life while doing this.

Facebook is a Web site that's privately owned with an end-user license agreement the user must adhere to that's more heavily supply oriented than demand based IN TERMS OF CONTEXT, not to mention all that data and information.

They'll begin to reverse engineer, drop api support or strip the api's down ( Google never will ) and could implement Web performing, .NET-centered stuff at the first opportunity to contravene all of your open activity.

"can-you-see-me-now dept." NO! shit! This is radar. How do you know what it is if you really don't know where?

Comment here (Score 1) 115

Two questions I have as a taxpaying citizen who has to fund this:

... Yongcai Li, 33, a resident of China, was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay $790,683 in restitution to Cisco Systems in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Li procured counterfeit Cisco products in China in response to orders and then shipped the products to the U.S., the DOJ said.

Shouldn't restitution be paid back to the manufacturing country within the country of origin? Why is the 9th Circuit doing this or whichever court when China should be prosecuting it? I personally cannot stand the government of China they are a commercial-corporate / agrarian / Communist mix which is repetitively detrimental to the fundamentals of a contemporary, capitalist government.

ICE and CBP have seized more than 94,000 counterfeit Cisco networking devices and labels in the operation, the DOJ said.

Is that Cisco IOS? I have never encountered a more inefficient, bloated piece of networking software after reading Cisco's IOS manual. Notice I said inefficient? True, there is little need for competition in this area since most people don't program for ethernet or administrate that layer, much less ethernet bridging over VPN. This could say something about the Cisco brand or "label" of merchandise. Perhaps that software/firmware is a bit too expensive and inclusive only to Cisco's own area of encumbrance ( this is an uncommon but practical legal term and definition ) when theft of Intellectual Property is happening, huh?

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Sony PS3 Hack Brings Linux Back ( 1

Stoobalou writes: Sony-bating hacker GeoHot reckons he can restore the ability to run Linux on Sony's flagship console, despite the fact that the company has deliberately removed the functionality.
A recent firmware upgrade to version 3.21 killed the 'Install Other OS' option in fat versions of the console's operating system, angering academics and hackers alike.
According to GeoHot (AKA George Hotz — the chap also credited with hacking the iPhone) anyone who didn't take the plunge and update to 3.21 will soon be able to do so without losing the ability to install third-party operating systems.

Submission + - Apple iPad costs $260 to make (

nk497 writes: The Apple iPad costs $260 in parts and manufacturing, with over 40 per cent of that spent on the display alone, according to a teardown by iSuppli. The company said the focus on the user interface is a complete reversal to how most computing products are made, as they tend to be "motherboard-centric." The company said the iPad "represents a radical departure in electronic design compared to conventional products."

Submission + - Verizon CEO: "We Will Hunt Heavy Users Down" (

Zerocool3001 writes: "In an interview with WSJ editor Alan Murray,Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg talks about how the FCC's broadband access studies are wrong (and the US is definitely "number one, not even close"), how he had someone else stand in line for him Saturday to pick up his iPad, and how Verizon will soon hunt down, throttle and/or charge high-bandwidth users on its network."

Comment IT'S A PERSON (Score 1) 191

"Microsoft Bob" are the tendencies of a person or people, not an artifact alone! It isn't corporate personhood either -- something SCOTUS and bigwig entrepreneurial types haven't sufficiently addressed as of right now. Figure it out yet, fat figurers? And Microsh*t it remains with regard to: .Xls files plus screwing SQL, Cisco routing and, I.E. version whatever they got out now . . .

Comment Re: This is new? (Score 0, Offtopic) 631

It isn't.

Multicore has been with us for over a decade now. It is practical and conducive to build open cores from class declaration up so methods, file types and handlers exist between architectures and at same time there's decoupling of needed resources as processes.

To point the way to what exists now there's Yellow Dog Linux for both Macintosh and Apple's PPC platform:

The older version works on MacOS 8/9. The new one works on Mac OS X.

Linmac or lintel would be most nice for us micro-engineers. The smaller businesses we want to associate with could branch away from both static software design and largescale deployment tied to that very design, focusing more on customizing digital end-pieces to attach to current semiconductor inputs if the correlated software to do that in places (like EAGLE for Ubuntu) is manufactured and delivered in an open core form of engagement.

Comment Bradblog reports from WV and TX on faulty DREs (Score 1) 900

Here's an update on about bad problems down in Texas:

Brad Friedman's blog:

We've been reporting for the last week or so on the ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting machines which are flipping votes from Democratic candidates to others in, so far, at least four states. We've showed you actual footage of it and how even after being "recalibrated" these machines still continue to flip votes.

[ snip ]

Unfortunately, it's not just the error-prone, hackable, wholly unverifiable iVotronics from ES&S which are failing. Error-prone, hackable and wholly unverifiable Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting systems made by Hart InterCivic, Diebold and Sequoia Voting Systems are also having the same problems across the country. And the Democrats, who have the most to lose, continue to do nothing about it...

On Monday, we posted a video of a WV county clerk demonstrating the vote-flips on the ES&S iVotronic and suggesting that the problem was due to touch-screen calibration issues on the machine. The video then shows the clerk inserting a cartridge into the machine to recalibrate it, after which the machine still mis-records a vote.

[ snip ]

While recalibration has been ordered in many of these cases, it needs to be pointed out that there is no way that any touch-screen voting machine should ever have a cartridge inserted into it, for any reason, by anybody, after it's already been programmed for an election. That is the very moment these machines are the most vulnerable to malicious software and other forms of tampering and attack. That recalibration is being advised where these problems have occurred --- instead of complete removal from service, to be replaced by paper ballots --- is insane.

Recalibration, so far, has been the response prescribed by election officials and, to their shame, we have seen absolutely no sign that the DNC and Barack Obama attorneys have done anything to take appropriate action ...

... We now have reports of voting flipping in Texas on both Hart InterCivic DREs and, of course, the always unreliable ones made by Diebold.

Last week, from the Houston Chronicle:

[Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman's] office was informed early today that some of the first voters had cast straight-ticket Democratic ballots and then discovered that the electronic machines listed them as voting for John McCain in the presidential election.

In the report, Kaufman, as expected, tries to play down the reports of problems. Harris County (Houston), the largest county in the second largest uses the Hart InterCivic eSlate DRE. Though the eSlate is not a touch-screen --- voters use a wheel and a button to select candidates from the computer screen --- it's still an unverifiable DRE voting system.

Our friend Pokey Anderson, an election integrity advocate in Houston, and host of KPFT/Pacifica's Sunday Monitor program, confirmed with one of the first 30 or so voters to vote on the first day of early voting at the West Gray Multi-Service Center that her straight ticket Democratic vote was flipped to McCain ...

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