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Comment health risks? (Score 1) 70

I wonder if this could mean people living in an area with lots of storms have a significantly higher risk of cancer. High altitudes do have risks:

"A seven hour airplane trip exposes passengers to 0.02 mSv of radiation, which is a fraction of the exposure of a standard Chest x-ray (0.1 mSv). Domestic airline pilots are exposed to an additional 2.2 mSv per year, about the same dose as a brain CT."

"the high-altitudes expose climbers to an extra 1milliSievert (mSv) of radiation, which is five times more than the average annual exposure in a nuclear power plant." How much mSv is a gamma ray burst from a thunderstorm?

Comment Jailbroken iphone with sshd (Score 1) 303

I can run basic unix utilities and vim very well by using ssh and logging in locally on my jailbroken iphone, it has a unix base after all. I believe there are phones you can hack and install linux on. Add a bluetooth keyboard. An ipad mini with slim keyboard cover fits in my coat pocket, i use voip for my phone.

Submission + - cheap swarm robot (

An anonymous reader writes: hey're fairly simple little robots about the size of a quarter that can move around on vibrating legs, blink their lights, and communicate with each other. On an individual basis, this isn't particularly impressive, but Kilobots aren't designed to be used on an individual basis. Costing a mere $14 each and buildable in about five minutes, you don't just get yourself one single Kilobot. Or ten. Or a hundred. They're designed to swarm in the thousands,

Comment futuremind (Score 1) 585

I've got a very old futuremind sw powered mindmachine, which uses the parallel port and a SB AWE 32 for it's sound. Neither can be emulated. I was thinking of recording the sound and film the LED output, make an mp4 out of it which I can then play and watch on my OLED Z-800 HMD. No time to look into it unfortunately. The same goes for the hundreds of 80's en '90s tv shows on VHS which are gathering dust.

Comment boardgaming (Score 2) 362

That's one of the reasons why I focus on boardgames instead of computergames, like reading a book compared to watching a movie on average it can stimulate the mind more as the game design is usually more intricate and it is more social! I can recommend playing Puerto Rico and Imperial 2030, also see: BoardGameGeek ranking.

Comment Re:That's not really the issue here. (Score 1) 705

ok societal change will not happen overnight but individual energy requirement is negligable. learn qwerty or dvorak, all the same. use keyboard remapper software on an usb stick or web download if you are on another computer. dvorak is more comfortable for your fingers. look what happened when the phone keypad was used to enter text, a whole generation became very efficient on that keyboard layout.

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