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Journal Journal: Spending other peoples money.

Well, I just got to spend a whole butload of money. In the last 24 hours, I bought the eq of two years worth of my salary in comptures for my job.

The result: I feel like crap. I hate spending money. Especially my own.

Oh, well. At least we get a visulization lab out of the deal. And a whole new core of computers. And a terabyte of FS... I think I'm happy.

But I still feel like crap.

I'll brighten up after I see all the boxen running. :)

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Journal Journal: Writing

Why not. Why? Doesn't really matter:

Here's a bit of a status report. There's no need for you to care about any of this. This is just here for the heck of it.

Current Projects:
Book 1: Prehistory of the Ay's Arrival. Partially complete. About 3/4 done. Lots of additional middle scenes to write. Basically, we meet an alien race. We help each other out and build on technology bases. Everything gets trashed by the bad guys the A's were running away from.

Book 2: Post history. 350ish years later. Mostly done. Just have to write the conclusion, which is waiting on the conclusion of book 1, Just because I want them to stew together.

Book 3: A novel vampire approach. Into the Novel length catagory. About 80k words. Three or less chapters left. Currently simmering to make the final editing and conclusion. I've got it thought out, but want to do a complete read through and rehash to make sure it fits as good as I'd like it to. I can't wait to find out who dies.

Book 4: About 3/4 done. The've taken out the creation, then the single amulet bearer. Now they're on their first try for the main guy. Of course it's a trap, which springs about another 1/8 through. Then the last 1/8 is going after him where he really is. Janis just got finished adding the stone to the hilt of Tirny's sword. The same stone which shattered the amulet in the second quarter. Influenced by diablo I and II, and Neverwinter Nighte, a little from pretty much every genre world and rpg...

Book 5: In its' infancy. An alternate time/universe cross over thing. Mostly for playing with clashing cultures. Based on a short wierd dream sequence probably influenced by Terminator. Dream reoccured, so I wrote a few chapters in.

Future projects:

Book 6: Extension to book 3. More Melina and Chris stuff. This time, the otherworld is stabilized. And it's the otherworld against the clans in the main world that didn't restrict themselves. We got a taste of this in Book 3. More to come. Lots. More. Probably influenced by Underworld and Children of the NIght (M. Lackey.)

Book 7: Extension to Book 4. Will be easy to write. (I'm already into the 70k range in like 1.6 weeks for bk 4. ) A secret: they don't get who they think they were after in bk 4. Just a student of his. Gerath is resurected to help. Probably. Syria has a major part.

Book 8: Gotta go back to bks 1 and 2. Man, I started them in 97. Jesh!. But lots of cool heavy stuff in them, so this is expected. I could write in that universe for quite a long time. Will probably write bk 8 on Kyle and Kira's education just before bk 2. Many Many Many things already thought through and or illuded to in existing text and notes.

Book 9: Jumping back to the prehistory part of bk 1. Renian and the other snips of history mentioned in bk 1 need to be written out. Some already done.

Book 10: Melina and Chris get finished. Must make a new sword by this time, and deal with some other, longer term shifts between the two sides. The young sir finley has a lot to do in this one.


Journal Journal: RE: Science Article submission which got rejected

There's a nice article over at Scientific American about Twisted light. Basically, we know about color, and polarization of light. These have been in college and highschool physics experiments for ages. But now we should also start learning about Twisting of light. About a decade ago, it was discovered that passing light through a diffraction gratting could impart an angular momentum factor on the light wave, creating a helix of twisted light. This can be demonstrated in a classroom level. Go on over to Scientific American and search for "A twisted study" for more details. I'm too lazy to find the article again and post the exact link here.

Oh, and I *tried* to submit this to /., but it, like everything else, was rejected.

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Journal Journal: RE: I'm back.

It's good to be posting again. Also, playing loki demos. It's a shame they chaptered out with a call of 7. :(


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Journal Journal: RE: Just Testing

We need to split /. into two: those who care and those who can't care.

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