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Comment Re:Moral of the story... (Score 5, Insightful) 170

The relevant section of the App Store Review Guidelines:


Also interesting:

5.2.5 Apple Products: Don’t create an app that appears confusingly similar to an existing Apple product

Now his app can be removed for the app store for being confusingly similar to the official app which came later!

Comment Re:Not defending NASA on this one (Score 1) 207

The last statement in the summary is completely uncalled for.

Ned Wright is known to have a pretty sharp wit. Besides, Myhrvold used his notoriety to grandstand with the press before his work was peer-reviewed, basically calling Wright a moron. I would get a little testy too.

If Myhrvold wants to play the YOU-ARE-NOT-CREDIBLE-BECAUSE-YOUR-ORGANIZATION-MAKES-BAD-SOFTWARE game, he need only mention Mars Climate Orbiter. Oops! See how that works?

Not to mention Spaceport Command and Control System (SCCS) Doh!

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