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Comment Re:meh, totally predictable plot lines (Score 1) 77

Wow, I must have misunderstood the plot on all those post-1968 movies where I thought the baddies were commies, nazis, drug lords, foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists, anarchists, poor people trying to get rich quick, rich people trying to get richer quick, crazy people trying to do incomprehensible things for incomprehensible reasons, wayward do-gooders, megalomoniacal supercrooks, pirates, pirate hunters, aliens, alien hunters, vampires, vampire hunters, zombies, orcs, dragons, ghosts, etc.

If you don't like the simulation you're living in, you can always rejoin us here in reality.

.... and APES!

Comment Re:Only because of limited competition (Score 1) 162

I suspect most slashdot readers would have no difficulty setting up a (Torrent + VPN + XBMC/Plex) workflow to achieve a system superior to netflix + hulu + HBO ...

If you wouldn't or don't, why not? Too much effort? Not spouse-friendly? Morals? Fear of nasty letter from ISP?

I rarely watch movies or TV, so I'm curious.

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