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Comment Congratulations are in order (Score 1) 129

This has been a long project by Australian Labor and the Liberal/Nationals - and let's not kid ourselves, especially the Attorney-General's Department who have been pulling the puppet strings of both for decades. Unelected bureaucrats, perpetually drunk on the hubris of the power they wield, that even the government in power can't get rid of.

Once census and data retention scheme information are merged, all of our individual dossiers will be complete. Even the Stasi would cream their pants at the mere thought of what they have achieved. Bravo. They very least all concerned can do is thank the Australian public who have been asleep at the wheel for the last 30 years.

Submission + - TorrentFreak has posted its annual VPN review - which are actually trustworthy? (

frrrp writes: TorrentFreak has done its annual VPN review for 2016. With my limited knowledge, I look at them as being as close as you can get to offering the public a fair and unbiased opinion. Of course, I may be wrong — but there is so much gibberish and shill-craft in this area, it is impossible for a mug like me to know what to trust. What opinions do the BigBrains here have of the listed VPN providers?

Comment ... and then they came for the astronomers (Score 2) 432

They're gonna start running out of wells to poison pretty soon. I don't blame SJWs for this - they are just exploiting the environment - an environment is created by "moderates" and fence sitters that credulously give the benefit of the doubt to any loser with a wolf story - and enthusiastically dog-pile on any voices that dare to express skepticism. And these 'moderates" are for the most part stupid, well-meaning white males - that most demonised and despised of social demographics.

Comment Violins and snowflakes (Score 1) 112

This is an endless drone. I wonder how many women out there have ever had their genitals smeared with engine grease and drill shavings - something way to many boys did in apprenticeships. They all refused to curl into foetal positions and cry for nanny to save them and generally got over it and progressed to be something in their fields. This is the bubble wrap child generation reaching their mutated version of "maturity" - and expecting the same coddling as when they were in "everyone is a winner" school. I feel more nauseous each time another one of these #SJW articles barfs itself all over my screen. Heat and kitchens etc.

Comment Re:The trouble is they're right (Score 1) 145

What I've found is that it's mostly right wing folks who want these laws.

Bollocks. The biggest war on anonymity is being waged by the social justice left. They can't live with the idea that people can shoot holes in their gibberish with impunity and not have their personal data on public view in order to contact employers and get them fired.

Comment Re:Why is this a gendered issue in the comments. (Score 1) 928

I didn't see any part Sarah's post that brought gender into this, and it immediately people started making assumptions of such.

The words of someone who's own playground has never been attacked by SJWs. I've dug back through Sharp's online history. She is operating from the same SJW template that has attacked gamers, sci-fi freaks, atheists, Occupy and an endless list of others, even metalheads and bondage nuts. It's a cut and paste job. I posted above she is on the soon-to-be defunct ADA/donglegate Initiative board and the fact that she tried to start a similar LKML dung fight in 2013. Keep on smiling at the crocodile - maybe you'll get eaten last.

Comment "How did you secure the capital to start GSK?" (Score 1) 557

//Brianna: So, I can’t talk specifically about all of our funding. But I can say how we started Giant Spacekat and made our "minimal viable product." I quit my job when I married my husband, and followed him to Boston. I was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pursue a graduate degree or start my own company.
A family relative offered us the chance to live in Frank’s grandmother’s house for free if we renovated it. That would free up capital for us, so I jumped at the chance. I spent half a year renovating the house. Then, we moved in - took our rent money, and used it to hire our first employee.//

What a crock. Wu even tweeted about this - mommy and daddy gave the thing $200,000.

Comment Wu being trans-whatever is not the issue... (Score 1) 727

... that Wu then proceeds to claim to be entitled to speak on behalf of ALL women IS. That all is a red-herring anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brianna Wu. Nothing here that can't be independently verified - I really thought this place knew better than to allow professional propagandists and pan-handlers a stage and a microphone.

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