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Comment Re:Site owners not so innocent looking. (Score 2) 303

Domain names aren't the same as land or objects; they are closer to (but not the same as) copyright, patents and trademarks. Are they using their copyright/patent/domain in good faith or are they trolling to make money off of others (someone running for office; someone who actually built something described in a patent, etc).

Comment Re:Not to mention... (Score 2) 455

And this is different than say cell phone providers or cell phone software vendors? Google, RIM and MS would rather you buy a new device with the latest software than have to support some older version of the software I am sure.

Last I checked the vast majority of phones don't have their prices measured in the thousands of dollars for used models and in the tens of thousands for new models even without a contract subsidy.

I dislike the phone lock-in model as much as most people, but we are talking a slightly different scale here. Hell, most of these integrated head units alone cost more than vast majority of unsubsidized phones.

Case in point, Audi's MMI is over 3K to upgrade from an already fancy screen to manage car and entertainment.

Comment Re:Of course not (Score 2) 365

I'm not as senior as you, but a lot of what you say rings true with me.

The single biggest advantage of having an experienced engineer is they have seen the many mistakes over the years that shouldn't be repeated. Lots of the hot-shot but lack-luster younger engineers I've seen are so caught up in the areas they are talented they ignore the lessons they can learn from the older. I'm still on the young side, but I wouldn't be where I am without the many mentors I've had.

Other than the philosophy of younger think differently (for good or for bad), some management can be eager to benefit from young, eager engineers with less family responsibilities.

Comment Re:I guess I'm not an expert then.... (Score 2) 297

I guess part of being an 'expert' is being dumb enough to buy your own crap. That's why they always seem so sure of everything. Meanwhile, folks like you and me hedge our bets, and people attribute that to not knowing enough, rather than knowing all too well what the real deal is.

I suspect that prior to being an 'expert', that person makes one wild guess that they nail bang on. After that, they just point back to the ONE TIME they were right, and that carries them for the next few years.

The other problem is that when you're regarded as being an expert and and 2 & 3 don't apply, giving an estimate that hedges for realities to happen doesn't satisfy management. You get accused of padding hours, being difficult, or playing favorites (if there are multiple approaches being evaluated). What's weird is that after this song and dance, they still expect you might run a week late...

Comment Re: How would you feel about it? (Score 1) 420

Who knows, but yes, I'd like to be able to call the cops on such an asshole, even after I take the thing out with my unnecessary (but legally purchased and licensed) semi-automatic assault rifle.

Nothing against owning, but this job is best done with a shotgun with #8 shot. You're going to have a hard time hitting a flying target with a rifle and the round will travel for miles (most have effective distances of at least half a mile... a high angle shot will send it farther). #8 and other skeet shot loses it's lethality very quickly but should pack enough punch to take out a non-ruggedized drone.

Comment (Score 1) 484

hurts everyone in the long-run.

This has never been a consideration for the ruling classes. The corporations have a horizon as far as their next yearly statement, the politicians it's the next election.

Some long-established companies are failing after the recent downturn. Wealthy families that have inherited ownership have seen large portions of their wealth disappear as their target market no longer had money to spend. Word either hasn't gotten around or the incidents are too isolated and those who remain simply look down upon those fallen from grace.

If your business depends on lots of consumers with disposable income then your business depends on the middle class.

Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 2) 893

Intelligent people go to great lengths to avoid having to pay more tax than they are legally obliged to. But if you're poor you don't pay much tax at all, so what the hell are you complaining about? You're using the same roads, bridges, schools and hospitals. All for a few hundred bucks a year.

Intelligent doesn't always equal rich. Some people are just born that way.

Comment Re:Long term? (Score 1) 599

Why must we always blame "the environmentalists"? Fuck, the US has less restrictive environmental regulation compared to Canada and Japan, and those countries have "the environmentalists" as well.

Maybe it's because our rotten fucking system can't build anything in a cost efficient manner, without pork? Maybe some other reason?

Nope, you hit the nail on the head. No spending measure gets put in a bill in Congress without a district to benefit from the expenditure (even if the expenditure is a worthy cause). Big defense bills often get broken up in funny ways because of this (even if the DOD says they don't need the whatsitcalled built in the first place).

Comment Re:HUD (Score 1) 375

Expect HUDs to be banned as well, they are a direct assault on ticket revenue and that will not be tolerated

When making such a bold statement, you should back it up with a line drawn from "HUD use" to "less ticket revenue" other than less drivers looking down and crashing.

Comment Re:You laugh... (Score 2) 477

...but part of the design of the core of the Internet is that it is, in fact, designed to survive a nuclear war.

Which isn't to say you'd have much of the Internet left, but if it wasn't fried by EMP, you could start reconfiguring your routers to connect with surviving nodes.

The backbone of the internet should survive as it was intended, but the more local components (ISPs) would probably fail. Many customers only have 99% or 99.9% uptime, and this is with the power grid working more-or-less correctly.

For this to actually work, we would probably find ourselves switching to a loose-coupled wireless internet (at least for the ISP piece), which is something that has been researched.

Comment Re:Forgotten 2012 campaign poster (Score 1) 405

Or he could have voted for Romney. Anyone who thought he'd be an improvement is naive. It was heads they win tails we're screwed. That's the beautiful two party system for you. Two fucked choices both backed by banks and hollywierd.

The best example was the debate on national security. The best Romney could do was say "I would have done the same" over and over. The only difference between the two is social and fiscal, but even then the difference isn't all that large.

Comment Re:The enemy of my enemy (Score 4, Interesting) 693

Especially now that Obama has launched three new ones

I don't disagree with most of what you said, but this part stands out to me. I've seen it mentioned by people who identify themselves with the Tea/Republican party but I don't know what three wars they speak of. At best, I can think of our involvement in Libya (where most of Europe got involved too) and possibly a reference to Syria (where in truth we are sitting and watching the government kill it's people). I don't believe we got involved in Mali (yet).

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