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Comment Re:Silicon Hills? (Score 1) 415

Yeah, but does it have a better cultural scene than San Francisco? ;-)

(Probably does for rock music...)

Anyway, the point is that people who value culture highly tend to live in San Francisco if they can, even if they work in Silicon Valley. (There are plenty of tech jobs in SF proper though, but generally more Internet stuff and less backbone stuff.)

And some people do exactly the opposite, because they prefer the sedate suburban lifestyle but want one of the great jobs in SF. The high-tech scene out here is really not about some monolithic suckling VC cabal attached to Stanford, it very much includes the East Bay (particularly Berkeley), SF proper (a center of Web and media innovation), South SF (world capital of biotech), and Silicon Valley, and then on down to San Jose (Adobe, etc) which isn't really part of Silicon Valley either.


Journal Journal: Take a break from all this tech!

There are plenty of geeky topics on Frostopolis. But you're reading Slashdot, so you already have more than enough Vitamin G in your diet.

Take a break from all that, and look at some pictures!

Actual hand-made art, generally of the frame-it variety. It's good for you, and you're procrastinating anyway...


User Journal

Journal Journal: Frostopolis, my new blog.

Well, I finally did it. Made a blog. I guess that makes me a blogger.

The goods are at, and the subject matter is mostly a mix of art, technology and global culture.

Please check it out if any of that stuff interests you.


Journal Journal: Betavote update

In the unlikely event anyone is reading this...

Betavote has turned out to be quite popular. We're serving around 40 thousand page views a day.

Funsies. Check it out.

United States

Journal Journal: BetaVote

What if the whole world could vote in the US presidential election?

That's the idea behind a little project my friend Daniel Young thought up. I made a fairly minimal website for it.

Check it out here:

It is of course just an unofficial poll but if enough people take a second to vote it could get very interesting.

User Journal

Journal Journal: LV8.US

I've been tinkering off and on with a new artistic endeavor...

It's not big enough to make any formal announcement about it yet, but on a lark I decided to post a link to it here. You know, in case anybody actually reads my Slashdot Journal.

Here we go:


User Journal

Journal Journal: I wish Slashdot had AdWords-like ads

...because I often click on people's website and sig links if their comments are interesting.

I think it would be really cool to see what the slashdotters would come up with in terms of low-budget ads.

Targeted by topic of course.

It seems weird and stupid to me that Slashdot, which lives on the comments of its members, only allows advertising for the deep-pocketed.

Journal Journal: i wish the journals allowed more HTML

i think it would be cool if /. allowed a greater range of HTML tags in the journals.

not allow *anything* mind you, not embedded movies and such, but more formatting options.

so you could do things like <span style="...">, or so you could put in ASCII art without the /. "code" filter screwing it up.

of course it would be good to have a user setting like "allow rich formatting in journals."

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