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Comment Re:Isn't that click fraud? (Score 5, Interesting) 285

It could be considered click fraud if you used it against your own website that you have advertising on.
But I do agree, if I was an advertiser, and this caught on, they could see a potential spike in clicks, and therefore a big jump in advertisement expenditures.
That might lead to drastically reduced payments per click for websites, or maybe the end of pay-per-click, or who knows what else?

Comment Unreputable? (Score 3, Interesting) 269

The article itself seems to be valid enough... but then, at the bottom, there are the following "You May Like" items:
  • NASA caught deleting UFO photos from its website
  • UFO flies over NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover
  • Astronomer discovers animal life form on Mars from NASA images
  • UFO: NASA reveals Biblical-like Spacecraft

With all that BS at the bottom, it casts doubt in my mind on the actual article.

Comment What we need.... (Score 2) 286

For now, it's filenames. Next will be screenshots. After that, reverse-netflix?

What we need is for the protocol to be reverse-engineered, and then just start posting all sorts of randomized information to the servers, effectively making it useless. Advertisers won't pay for garbage data.

Of course, once LG notices, the protocol will be encrypted...

Comment Re:Video (Score 1) 287

I am using an admittedly older MythDora (umm, 10?) system with MythWelcome set up to use the alarm to wake it up when it needs to record something, and power it off when idle.

It usually decides to act up when I am away for a week on business or something, and then everyone's mad at me when I get back!
So I finally added a "mysqlcheck --autorepair" to the bootup sequence.

As a complete aside, I just ran out of disk space while still having 100GB free... ran out of inodes. Some cron job was periodically sending emails, and I had over 500,000 unsent emails in /var/spool. Took a good while to delete all those emails.

Comment Re:Video (Score 2) 287

The video shows a number of ways that MySQL seems to insert questionable data; ignoring NOT NULL, inserting default values when no default is specified, etc...

There are two databases that I have had to repair... Hypersonic and MySQL. MySQL I have to repair regularly in my MythTV box. Hypersonic states it should not be used in a production system. I have never had to repair Postgres, MSSQL, or Oracle.

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