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Comment Re:Just get out of education (Score 1) 420

Subsidized loans and a few grant programs are about the only way the federal government invests in higher education (not counting the research dollars, which are also huge but cover research activity). Most states have reduced their funding of the public institutions, which pretty much guarantees higher tuition for students. The biggest driver of costs in higher education is personnel, and one of the biggest personnel costs is health insurance.

If you want to reduce the cost of attending a public university, do two things: 1) encourage states to increase their subsidies for their public institutions and 2) get health care costs under control.

Comment Except when... (Score 1) 137

...local internet at work goes down and you can't even make a phone call, let alone answer email or get any real work done. Then you pull out the old smartphone and start working through your cell tower connection. This has happened twice now in the last week and one of the events lasted for nearly 4 hours.

Comment Re:That what does not kill you ... (Score 1) 75

However for many infections, such as the un-fun norovirus, a person's immunity is temporary, not permanent. So the exposure to these agents does not result in a stronger immune system but does result in additional illnesses. How do we, then, clean off the nasty critters but keep the "good" ones?

Comment Re:Buy used? (Score 1) 622

All cars lose their value once you drive them off the lot - new, or used. It's how the used car dealers stay in business (that is to say, by selling the car to you for more than it is worth). What's more important is whether or not you get what you paid for. A $50,000 new car that gives you 200,000 safe miles is a better deal than a $6,000 used car that gives you 10,000 crappy, unreliable, will my car start at 2 AM in the bad part of town miles.

Comment Baseball games would take (Score 1) 296

about 4 minutes if you just showed the action. But, then again, baseball is about more than just the "action." It's about the act of being in the moment, in the game, as a player or spectator. So reducing it just to the action (hitting, running, etc.) fundamentally changes what the event means in the first place. But, hey, I get 3 hours and 56 minutes of my life back, too!

Comment Re:I stopped reading (Score 1) 760

Even the mortgage deduction is limited in its benefit because it is only the amount that is over the standard deduction that really results in any benefit. So don't get fooled into a large mortgage by thinking you will make up for it with a bigger tax deduction - you may save a little bit of money that way, but it is still only a benefit for the amount that is above the standard deduction.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 3, Interesting) 357

I like Sanders, but he's a good example of the point I was trying to make. The act of running for president has pressured and / or forced him to do things that he otherwise would not have done - like calling Hillary Clinton "unqualified" to be president. And we all make mistakes and have regrets, but to me this is the very nature of the act of running for president and the intense pressure and scrutiny it produces - it would do the same to me, and likely to you, too.

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